Eye of the North

"I have recorded your deeds so that we never forget the heroes who saved Tyria."

The Eye of the North is probably one of the most recognizable areas in between the games due to the fact that it hasn't really changed at all. The building still stands just as firm and tall as it ever has. Getting to this area is easy between both games as well; in Guild Wars you only need the expansion pack and to be level ten before getting the mission to arrive there from the main city of your campaign. In Guild Wars 2 all it takes is getting a portal stone (usually from a skritt in a cave in Lions Arch these days or upon character creation.)

Because the two rooms are circular, it's easy to stand and pivot on one spot in each room to get a full view of the rooms. This works in both games, making it perhaps the easiest place to explore both games versions.

One of the most interesting things to note in this area is the fact that the Xunlai chests haven't moved from the outpost between the games. This is the only time we see a Xunlai chest in Guild Wars 2.

If you're interested in seeing some of the previous screenshots from outside of the building, head to this post Here. Don't expect it to be a finished product since the outside was not meant to have been seen. 

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