Sunspear Sanctuary / Sun's Refuge

We relit Kormir's protections fire inside the Chamber of the Sun - which will protect the inner chamber from Kralkatorrik's attacks - and gave our reclaimed sanctuary a new name: Sun's Refuge. -"My Story"

Small ponds have become fire pits since we left the sanctuary in the first game. The brand has left its mark on the village outside. Even after the wrath of Joko and the destructive forces of Kralkatorrik, the inner sanctum becomes a refuge for the Sunspears again after 250 years.

The Sunspear Sanctuary was a hub of quests and vendors in the beginning of Nightfall. Visiting it several times was inevitable and maybe that's why the reveal of Sun's Refuge appealed to so many players; it was a place that a lot of players of the first game could recognize easily.  In Guild Wars 2 it has become similar to a home instance, where you could build up your surroundings.

I chose to take these pictures before upgrading due to Koss's line about it probably being untouched since he left it. This was probably the best opportunity to see how it has truly aged between both games. If you're looking to take a look between both games, I suggest standing where the Xunlai chest is to get your bearings. The portal next to the chest and the center of the map are points that you'll want to keep in mind as you move around.


  1. I dont come here often but every now and then I notice my bookmark gw1 vs GW2 and I really love what you did here :)

  2. Just found this site, this is amazing! Love all the work you've done here. I've often wondered about going between games in the areas to see the differences.