Augury Rock - Outpost

"This was where the Chosen of Tyria once attained Ascension to be closer to the gods. They were heroes who saved Tyria from the mursaat, from the Lich, and from the titans." -Kaidenna (Guild Wars 2)

Like the mesa part of Augury Rock, the outpost is an amazing choice to start with if you want to see places in the Crystal Desert that are nearly a perfect match between the two games. 

If you want to see for yourself the similarities in both games you should stand on the end of the teleporter and pivot your character to get a panoramic of the area. Paying close attention to the two gates' locations also proved useful but this is one of those locations that you will likely see the similarities instantly. 

Augury Rock - Mesa

"Before you can gain entrance, you must first pass three tests. The former commanders of Elona await you at the base of the Rock itself. They will tell you all you need to know."

Augury rock was an important part of Guild Wars Prophecies because it was the story mission where your character reached ascension. It's clear that the Guild Wars 2 team wanted the iconic location to be an important part of the Elon Riverlands map. They pay homage to Guild Wars by including Josso Essher, a forgotten, as a world boss. In the Guild Wars 2 iteration, Josso Essher has been branded by Kralkatorrik but in Guild Wars he was originally a boss in a different mission called "Thirsty River".  Josso Essher will often summon doppelgangers of the people who fight him, which is a nod to the fight your character would have against a doppelganger of themselves as the final mission to become ascended.

There are other NPCs in Augury Rock that make an appearance in both games as well. In the first game they're mostly there to just point your character in the direction of the three missions you need to clear to gain access to the interior of Augury Rock. In Guild Wars 2, Ritual Priest Zahmut has taken to standing outside of the closed mesa and telling travelers of the forgotten unless Josso Essher has been defeated. He then moves to an interior chamber and stands with Joziah, Mendoza, and Valodor.

A lot of the desert in this Guild Wars 2 expansion has replicated Guild Wars locations perfectly. I've honestly been a little spoiled for choice in what to take pictures of. It's really easy to match the maps up thanks to several standing markers, labeled points of interests, and surprisingly a lot of the same landscape shapes.

 The best way to get a look between both of the games is to stand on the very center of the 'transportation pad' just outside of the mesa (for Guild Wars it's the one nearest to the glowing rocks and in Guild Wars 2, it's where Dawnwynn stands). If you're looking to view the inside of the mesa between the two games, in Guild Wars 2 it's best to ride the event train until they defeat Josso Essher. In Guild Wars you'll need to have cleared the story up until that point and then I suggest taking ranger as primary or secondary profession and only having your pet equipped (Comfort Animal) instead of any other skills. The pet will likely keep your double busy while you spend time exploring, just make sure to keep them healed.

Salt Flats - Shattered Templar

One of the first visual Guild Wars references we see in the Path of Fire expansion of Guild Wars 2 is the giant statue called "Shattered Templar". It's so prominent and easy to find that it even has its own point of interest. The wiki points out that the helmet on the statue is likely the Templar armor helm. There isn't much information in game surrounding this statue but it's probably worth pointing out that there are a few of these statues scattered around the Crystal Desert.

While it's pretty easy to get to in Guild Wars 2, getting there in Guild Wars is a bit of a trek. If you're looking to discover this location for yourself, I suggest traveling through Amnoon Oasis and hugging the top of the map. You'll have to deal with a plethora of Jade Scarabs and Devourers but if you tend to get lost easily, its easier to navigate Prophet's Path than it is Salt Flats.  I used the middle of the head and hand to pivot around to get my bearings. It should probably be noted that the statue has switched orientations over the last 250 years so my screenshots are centered on the statue rather than the new orientation in Guild Wars 2.

We're trying a new thing where we add videos to the posts on the site. It's still a work in progress as we adjust the quality of the videos, but expect environmental videos to be a lot more common with our posts.

Resurrection Shrines

The newest Living Story update in Guild Wars 2 took us back to Orr, specifically to a place where the human gods once walked. While Orr wasn't accessible during the original Guild Wars game, we can still see some 'relics' of things we might remember from the first game. 
For this post I wanted to talk about the Resurrection Shrines we see scattered throughout Siren's Landing.  In the first game, these shrines were where you would be sent back to if your party completely died on a map since there were no waypoints back then. These shrines sometimes contained statues of the human gods and in Nightfall, provided bonuses if you kneeled at the shrine and paid a fare to the gods. 
In Siren's Landing we see several of these Resurrection Shrines that are dedicated to Abbadon. Kneeling at them provides no favor as the former god, Abbadon, has been destroyed at this point in the timeline. 
The architecture of the shrine is very similar to the shrines you find in Elona. This makes a lot of sense as the story of Nightfall revolved around Abbadon and Elona and the story of Path of Fire will be taking us to Elona. Perhaps we'll come to know more about the forgotten god in this new expansion pack.

Siren's Landing


Other Resurrection Shrines
Ascalon Pre-Searing


Shing Jea Island


Maguuma Wastes

Maguuma Jungle

Tarnished Coast


Northern Shiverpeaks

Southern Shiverpeaks

Crystal Desert

Post-Searing Ascalon

The Northlands

Far Shiverpeaks

 Ring of Fire

Contest Winners

Hello again everyone!

Today I'm excited to announce the winners of our Flashpoint contest.
I'm so happy to those who did enter that I'm giving everyone that properly followed the rules a prize!
We still followed our original plan and drew random numbers for our Facebook and Twitter posts and then chose for our best screenshot category.

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Happy Anniversary, Guild Wars!

Today, April 28th, marks the anniversary of Guild Wars, the original game in the series. It is hard to believe that this is the 12th anniversary. Happy Birthday Guild Wars!

The game has lost none of the charm for me, though, in all my years of playing. When I venture out, especially to take pictures, I find myself getting caught up in the world. Sometimes it's collecting trophy items in pre-searing and other times it's just finding a beautiful spot in the snow of the Shiverpeaks or admiring the shadows made from the leaves on autumn trees in the Northlands.

As a sort of birthday gift, I decided to go around and put together a number of comparisons between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, like I always do. This time, though, I wanted to point out some of the outposts and key locations that made an impression on me when I went through the first game originally. These locations are relatively easy to find and easy to recognize; I hope they bring back some memories for all of you Guild Wars players out there as well.

At the end of this post, I've included a picture of my character. I decided to keep the name of my main from the first game (like so many others did), so this is a sort of before and after of my character between games.

Thank you for so many good memories, Guild Wars! I hope to continue making many more! Happy Birthday from Project Tyria!

Ashford Abbey

Piken Square

The Northlands

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If you aren't sure what places in Guild Wars 2 appear in Guild Wars, you can always look at the rest of the blog for ideas.
If you haven't played the original Guild Wars, the Guild Wars Wiki has valuable information that you can put to use in this contest.
If you do not understand the rules or need help finding a location for this contest, feel free to comment on this post and I'll do my best to help you.


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