Chantry of Secrets / Reclaimed Chantry

"This is a place for those willing to die for the cause."

In Guild Wars, this place was known as the Chantry of Secrets. In Guild Wars 2 it is known as the Reclaimed Chantry. There may be some confusion since in Guild Wars 2 we have another Chantry of Secrets in Bloodtide Coast. I imagine that after the fall of Elona, they probably moved the organization to Tyria, but since I haven't studied up on the lore through it, I'll come back to edit this if I find out something different.

As with many other locations within the game, we find that the statues of the gods in Guild Wars 2 have been replaced with the updated statues.

The good news about exploring this area is that the locations of the bridge and waterfall remain fairly the same. With the architecture of the bridge and the location of it, I think it's safe to assume that this may have been the same exact bridge from over two centuries ago. This means that unlike the bridge in front of Ascalon Academy, this bridge was likely never replaced in the lore between the games.

If you're looking to compare the changes yourself, I recommend standing on this bridge and pivoting to find the vital locations between the two games. It should be rather simple, especially with the waterfall and statues being key points of reference.

Seitung Province

"Canthans with little spare time often say they are "busy as a Seitung Harbormaster". At least, in polite company."

Known also as Shing Jea Island, Seitung Province used to be the tutorial island for those who started characters in Guild Wars: Factions. A lot has changed in Cantha since the days of Factions and the environment in Seijtung Province is sometimes unrecognizable from the first game. However, there are some key locations you can find that will give you a peak into that classic Guild Wars nostalgia you may be looking for.

Shing Jea Monastery

Shing Jea Monastery has changed into something unrecognizable, but if you look carefully, you will be able to see three locations that coincide with each other between games. I recommend that you look for the long bell in both games to get your bearings. Although they are on different altitudes, I'm confident that it is the same bell. If you then use the bell as your guide, you can turn around to see the tunnel and bridge that lead to the training grounds. To the right of that tunnel is a familiar garden that overlooks the Shing Jea bay.

Zen Daijun Temple

Zen Daijun Temple is one of the easier places to pinpoint locations between games. Take note that the Temple differs from the outpost you see in Factions. The outpost can be found in Guild Wars 2 as the Derelict Temple point of interest. If you're looking to compare between the two games yourself, simply stand in the middle of the Zen Daijun Temple and note the south western bridge for each. You can also spot a familiar waterfall and bridge in the distance.

Zen Daijun Outpost

Another easy place to find a great view between the games, with the added bonus of having the lighthouse both games feature just outside of the location. My advice for finding the best place to start your comparison is to enter the walls that house the bell inside. In Factions, this is in the outpost labeled Zen Daijun; in Guild Wars 2 it is the point of interest labeled Derelict Temple. If you head north, you will find the gate leading towards the view of the lighthouse. The terrain leading to this view is very similar so it shouldn't be difficult to draw comparisons over a long plot of that land.

Seitung Harbor

Although it may seem difficult at first to find similar locations here, Seitung Harbor hasn't change as much as its neighboring villages. There is a waist-level wall with ceramic roof tiles against the cliff separating the marketplace from the harbor. This wall is exactly the same between the two games, so putting your character against it will give you a great place to compare the two locations.

Bazaar and Festival of the Four Winds

In July 2013, the Guild Wars 2 team released a special, limited time map called the Labrynthine Cliffs in an event known as the Bazaar of the Four Winds. Those who were there for the 2013 event may remember that this is where the Candidate Trials took place; players had the choice of casting a vote for either Ellen Kiel or Evon Gnashblade to be elected as part of the council of Lion's Arch.  The Bazaar also served as a prequel for Living Story Season 2.

In 2014 the map returned to celebrate Guild Wars 2's release in China and was renamed as the Festival of the Four Winds. The Labrynthine Cliffs saw many changes that fell in line with the coming events of Living Story Season 2. As a result, the Zehpyrites' flying ship is no longer present on the map and has instead been replaced with Captain Ellen Kiel's airship, the winner of the Candidate Trials from 2013.  In 2018 the Festival of the Four Winds returned as an annual event.

There has been a lot of changes besides the ship on the map. A lot more buildings have popped up, suggesting that there are many more people now living in the cliffs. Tourists from all across Tyria and Elona have appeared to soak in the sights and add plenty of new conversations to the current map. There are a few missing or added rock structures between the two maps and more decorations have been added since its first release.

Perhaps the only change I don't agree with is that there are no longer cats or kittens on the map...

Sunspear Sanctuary / Sun's Refuge

We relit Kormir's protections fire inside the Chamber of the Sun - which will protect the inner chamber from Kralkatorrik's attacks - and gave our reclaimed sanctuary a new name: Sun's Refuge. -"My Story"

Small ponds have become fire pits since we left the sanctuary in the first game. The brand has left its mark on the village outside. Even after the wrath of Joko and the destructive forces of Kralkatorrik, the inner sanctum becomes a refuge for the Sunspears again after 250 years.

The Sunspear Sanctuary was a hub of quests and vendors in the beginning of Nightfall. Visiting it several times was inevitable and maybe that's why the reveal of Sun's Refuge appealed to so many players; it was a place that a lot of players of the first game could recognize easily.  In Guild Wars 2 it has become similar to a home instance, where you could build up your surroundings.

I chose to take these pictures before upgrading due to Koss's line about it probably being untouched since he left it. This was probably the best opportunity to see how it has truly aged between both games. If you're looking to take a look between both games, I suggest standing where the Xunlai chest is to get your bearings. The portal next to the chest and the center of the map are points that you'll want to keep in mind as you move around.