Lornar's Pass - The Temple of Grenth

 "Where is the god to whom I may give my undying devotion? Where is the god to whom I may beg revenge against those who scorn me?" -Desmina (Scriptures of Grenth)

The last post was the Temple of Balthazar so I decided it was finally time to go give the Temple of Grenth another visit. The two temples are very similar to each other in the first game; their architecture is nearly identical to one another, namely the entrances. In the second game, however, the Temple of Balthazar looks very similar to the original but the temple of Grenth couldn't look more different than the first game's appearance.

The statue is one of the more recent styled statues in the time of Guild Wars 2. It kind of makes me wonder what happened to the original. None of the beautiful pillars and entrance-ways are present anymore. The entrance altogether has been caved in and replaced with a more dwarven entrance elsewhere in the temple. It no longer looks like a temple, but a statue tucked away in some hidden recess.

It was interesting journeying out to see this location once again. After making my way through a bunch of difficult enemies in a winding map, I was reminded of what a beauty it once was. It used to lay in dwarven territory, namely around the area of the Stone Summit. Over two and a half centuries later, it's now inhabited with underworld creatures- fitting as it was once a portal to the underworld. We know in Guild Wars 2 of the temples in Orr to the gods, but one could imagine that they'd need other places to worship after Orr sank. It makes me wonder how long these temples have been present.

As for getting there, it's known as the Reaper's Gate in Guild Wars 2. In the first game the Temple of Grenth is at the very southeast of the map in Lornar's Pass. It's really tricky getting there in Guild Wars and I recommending bringing a bow to pull enemies rather than charging in headstrong. The locations on the map, however, are pretty easy to spot, but as usual, I've taken a comparison shot of the map to show exactly what you're looking for.

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