About Project Tyria

   Inspired by both worlds of the Guild Wars games, Project Tyria was created to show the physical changes that take place in the world of Tyria. Sometimes things are different, sometimes they stay the same. Project Tyria documents both of these diligently.

   There's nothing like adventuring through the vines of the Maguuma Jungle or trudging through the snow of the Shiverpeaks. Ascalon has evolved many times now, and a lot of Kryta is underwater. We were there in the before times, and now we arrive again in the after.

   Even those who have not played both games can still enjoy these pictures, be it bringing back nostalgia or simply showing you the past or future. Project Tyria does its best to educate as well as inform, on both the history and the future of Tyria.

About the Author

I go by the name of Alucardalina Claire and I am the sole writer behind Project Tyria. The other person who works on the site with me is an editor who wishes to remain unnamed.

I started playing Guild Wars several years ago thanks to the soundtrack being left on the laptop that was given to me by my best friend. I've grown to love it like my second life and I dedicate a lot of my time doing things based around the game, be it Project Tyria, writing fanfiction and doing lorecasts with Chronicles of Tyria, cosplay, or fanart.

I had the idea for Project Tyria as soon as I knew what pieces of the map would be available in Guild Wars 2. I was able to finally start my project during the Guild Wars 2 beta, where the pictures appeared on my personal blog. The reaction was so immediate and big that I quickly had to create another blog for the project itself. I'm just glad to be able to share the two worlds I see side by side with everyone else.

My in game handle is Alucardalina Claire.9825 or just Alucardalina Claire between both games. I'm always up for helping people so feel free to add or whisper me!

To those who read this blog: Thank you for your support!

Contact Info

If you need to contact Project Tyria for any reason, you can email me at projecttyria@gmail.com

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