Contest Time!

Hello everyone! Remember that announcement I promised to make? This is it! Project Tyria will be holding a contest! Ever wanted a collectors edition of Guild Wars 2, wanted to play the game, or just wanted a box with all the signatures of those working at Arenanet? Well, Arenenet has provided me with this autographed Guild Wars 2 Collectors edition to give out on the site in any way of my choosing. (Let's all give them a round of applause! This is truly is an amazing company that shows they care for their community.)

Of course, as I mentioned before, I decided to hold a contest to give this awesome prize away. The theme and rules of this contest?

The theme is: Describe your favorite location of the Guild Wars series.

Rules and tips:
  • Keeping in theme with Project Tyria, I want you to write me at least a 100 word paragraph on your favorite location in either Guild Wars 1 or Guild Wars 2. Post it in the comments of this very announcement.
  • From here, I will pick several different comments that impressed me the most and assign them a number. I will then number and choose one of these comments through a random number generator.
  • I can only ship within the USA, because shipping anywhere else would hurt my finances too much.( I can ship to another country provided that you help me cover the difference in shipping costs- and be aware that the game itself may be region locked!)
    (Be aware that I live in a clean home with cats. If you are allergic, please mind that there may be a stray cat hair on the box, though I will try to make sure it doesn't happen.)
  •  Haven't played the games but still want to participate? I have several screenshots on Project Tyria that can help. Find one you like and describe what you see in it, but make it convincing. Write as if you have actually played in that area before
  • I will pick entries based on: creativity, how well the feeling of the piece is portrayed (try and make me feel what you do when you're there), and how well it is actually written (please don't use shortcuts like "r" for "are" and try and use punctuation.
  • With all of this being said, please write it in English! I'm barely bilingual, so please use my native tongue.
  • One entry per person! This contest is about quality, not quantity!
  • The deadline is February 16th!
  • Keep an eye out on the week of the 16th. I will announce the winner. If you are the winner, I'll then have to ask for your e-mail to contact you. 

Proof of the box with all of their creative signatures. 

If you don't know what's in the box already:

The physical items include:
  • 10 inch figurine of Rytlock Brimstone
  • 112-page Making of Guild Wars 2 book
  • Best of Guild Wars 2 soundtrack CD
  • Art portfolio with 5 art prints
  • Custom art frame

The digital items include:
  • Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill 
  • Miniature Rytlock
  • Chalice of Glory
  • Tome of Influence
  • Golem Banker

There are more sites giving away an autographed collectors editions as well!
-Under the Pale Tree
-Kill Ten Rats

I look forward to receiving all of your entries. Good luck!


  1. There are many places in Tyria that could easily compete for the most beautiful place, as for myself, that prize goes to a little spot in Lion's Arch.

    After traversing the rickety wood of the scaffolding and making your way to the heights you come across a quaint little bar at the very top, just past the vista, outside of which is a balcony with a view of the main plaza of the city.

    It offers the most beautiful view of the city, and in my opinion, in the entire game, seeing the bustle of the city, the beauty of the unusual architecture of buildings made from shipwrecks, it's a hint of ingenuity complimenting random happenstance.

    From Zommoros' mystic forge, to the Black Lion Trading Company hall, to the hull of the ship containing the bank, most people underestimate the beauty of Lion's Arch, but it's there, and it's visible from this amazing vantage point in the city. This is my spot, I sit there just to relax and enjoy the ambiance.

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  3. I have been an avid video game player my entire life until the past year or so when I had stopped playing games a lot and seemed to enjoy reading about them more than actually playing. I knew for many years that I wanted to play Guild Wars 2, and immediately when starting the game I realized that this game could bring me back to my childhood.

    The artwork and the environment in this game is unbelievable, however my favorite area in the game would have to be Lornar’s Pass. It has it all. Flat land, mountains, lakes, boats, docks, all of which can be seen at the top of one of the 10 vistas in that area located at the top of a mountain. It may not have all of the special effects as some areas, but it does have the natural beauty of the real world in it, which makes it easy to get lost in and just wander around in as if you, yourself were visiting this land.
    If you wish to gaze upon this land yourself the vista that I mentioned before is just to the east of the Heart Quest “Help Queldip Pillage Pirates”. Although I would recommend just enjoying the entire zone to bring you back to what video games are meant to be, but seldom accomplish: a work of art.

  4. There are many places in Tyria that are in one word spectacular, not only with graphic but with the sound and feel of the surroundings. If i had to choose an area it would be anywhere with an ocean view. It always manages to remind me of sleeping on a white sanded beach with the sound of the ocean lulling you to sleep. The graphics are so very realistic that you can see the ocean foam making contact with the grains of sands.

    Though this way you can relax talking to friends without walking away with a sunburn and sand in your car.

  5. Part of me wants to talk about the mixture of feelings I had when I came upon Piken Square or Yaks Bend some 250 years after I had first encountered them, but I’ve decided to leave the serious tone and talk about something a bit more fun. My norn had just completed Snowden Drifts and it was time to move on to the next zone. I excitedly crossed into Lornar’s Pass, anxious to see how much I could recognize. I was only in the zone for about a minute when an uncontrollable urge hit me. I had to act on it, so I clicked into map chat and typed, “LFRun to Droks, 2k.” It took about a minute, but the first reply was, “Let me get my Derv.” It was followed by various “lols” and then a brief discussion on the Droks run and whether or not it was fun. Obviously opinions vary, but it’s still one of my favorite chats in Guild Wars 2 thus far. Now whenever I go into Lornar’s Pass I have to map chat “LFRun to Droks, 2k.” Sometimes I get a lol or a comment about grabbing a dervish and sometimes it’s just silence, but either way it has become a habit of mine and a memory that keeps Lornar’s Pass as one of my favorite areas in the game.

  6. My favorite area in the game would probably have to be Shing Jea Island. Sure, there might not be a whole lot to actually do there once you’ve moved on to later parts of Cantha, but while you’re there, it’s great. The main reason I like Shing Jea so much is the music. The Factions soundtrack is my favorite of all the Guild Wars soundtracks, and the Shing Jea tracks are some of my absolute favorites. But that’s not all; the architecture is beautiful there. And the landscapes are also beautiful. In some parts of Kaineng, you can see that it was once just as beautiful, but all the beauty has been buried underneath endless mounds of slums. Shing Jea is really the only untainted land left in Cantha, besides occasional small areas. One of my favorite areas on Shing Jea, visually, is the ending area of Zen Daijun. The building where you fight the boss of that mission is very cool. If we ever revisit Cantha in Guild Wars 2, I hope Shing Jea remains as beautiful as it was 250 before.

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  8. The beautiful flowing waters near the equally beautiful, vibrantly colored green grass is where I sit. You can reach down and find rocks perfect for skipping, covered with a grey foam from the river. In the distance you can ever so slightly hear centaurs' hooves race upon the ground. A member of the Lionguard's weapon clashes against the rusted centaur's sword he is battling. I see centaurs struggling to repair an old bridge not too far from where I rest. Lionguard disapprove of this, and another war has begun. It's time for me to run, but I will always come back to my favorite place, Kessex Hills.

    Re-posted because I had to update my display name from "Zach" to something else.

  9. For some reason I've been drawn to the arctic type spots in both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Maybe it's because they are beautiful and don't actually require me to wear gloves and a parka. I'm very fond these days of Frostgorge Sound in Guild Wars 2. It has snow scenes, underwater places, and of course the Jormag boss battle. Ancient saplings and orichalcum are available for harvesting. There is a nice variety of enemies and you can explore without having to have friends with you. And I am always amused by the kodan's voices. I find it a well rendered and beautiful area to explore. And there is pretty snow. What more could you want?

  10. The Great Northern Wall is a cold, lonely, and haunted place. So many lives sacrificed to build it, and so many more lost defending it. My footsteps echo across the lonely wall as I survey the destruction. How proud this place once was. How strong it was. My ancestors guarded this wall with honor, now I stalk it looking for my prey. I can hear him now, the siege master has returned. Just a few more broken stones to cross now. The ruins, they hide me in shadows. Turn your back now great great uncle, it is time for you to rest. May the Gods finally grant you peace.

  11. Journal entry #34
    Today I find myself in a strange land. There is an odd aroma in the air that I, by my experince, would describe as fresh pine trees but.. I feel that that description does not even come close. I guess I would describe this as the smell of pure nature.
    Now, I consider myself one of the tallestst of humans but next to the sights of this land I have never felt so small. There were leaves five times the size of any I have seen, and the trees! Oh the trees were taller then I cared to gauge. Although.. there was one tree in the distance that made the others pale in comparison. As my eyes traveled further up this structure, I noticed that the colors seemed to fade more and more, and at the top, this tree took on a certain white-ish hue. This sight was truely and utterly astonashing. I decided that i must go there. Yes, I couldn't think of a more perfect place to have tea and biscuits.
    Speaking of tea and biscuits, It was nearly lunch time. Seeing that I still had a ways to go until I reached that tree, I leveled my head and set forth to find a place to set down my supplies and have a snack. Maybe I could even catch a few inutes of sleep.
    Anyway, I took a few steps foward. I could not tell you how suprised I was when I heard someone say "ouch!". Without thinking I said "oh! Sorry old chap!". I looked around and.. by the looks of it, I was alone.. You could not even fathom how suprised I was when the moss and twigs hifted from under me. I fell to the floor with a loud thump and earned the mother of all bruses by landing on the hilt of my sword.
    I quickly got to my feet and drew my blade. However, I could not believe what was in front of me. It was a plant. But.. not just a plant. This plant had arms, legs, and a head with leaves in the fashion of a hairstyle. Then i saw them. Two bright, blue-ish eyes staring straight at me with a puzzled complexion.
    I denied what my eyes were telling me, sheathed my blade, and took out my journal. I thought, perhaps, I had fallen asleep and I was just dreaming.. So in order to wake up from this dream I would retrace the events of it and write them in my imaginary-dream-journal... Well I have been writing in this imaginary journal for quite some time now and this plant-like thing continues to speak to me in a foriegn accent. Perhaps it's time for me to start conversing with this strange being since I still have not waken up yet.. Gods help me, this imaginary-dream-journal is useless.

  12. My favourite area by far is in Henge of Denravi in guild wars 1 (and it's really reminiscent of the first sylvari area).

    I loved the picturesque scenery with glowing shades of blue and green, and trickling waterfalls at the top of the area. Also it has a glistening, flowing fountain in the centre and an air of mysticism about it. Better yet (although it was part of the main quest line for the first expansion) it was out of the way from the crowds in the main cities.
    Also nearby is the little town of maguuma stade, which is rather a dull area. However I have fond memories of the Mursaat Rally, a player hosted event. I think this encompasses the feeling you get within guild wars, a sense of community and friendly players, much more than anywhere else in any other MMO.

  13. The Falls: a place that many begrudgingly remember as "that place where you farm that axe." I however remember it as a place that was my own. A place I could retreat to when I needed to. Video games were already a means to an escape for me and The Falls exemplified that. My warrior/monk, decked out in complete Kurzrick armor, dyed black, one axe in his hand, a shield in his other. I was Elven Tank and the menacing armor I wore was a veiled persona, no stronger than my mouse or my keyboard. But, that didn't matter. Because for that moment, it was just me and The Falls.

    1. My favorite area in Guild Wars was pre-searing Ascalon. The land was so peaceful, and my character could handle most challenges alone. I wondered through Lakeside County discovering all I could about this new MMO; merchants and bandits wanted my money, farmers and soldiers sought my help, and gloomy little girl named Gwen wanted to play her flute for a stranger. A red iris flower and a new flute for her and a strange look from an out of place bull and I was on my way.

      I found myself talking to monks and necromancers in Ashford Abbey, fighting my way through catacombs where kings and heroes were buried alongside the past. Duke Barradin had his expensive estate, but his most prized possession was his daughter, betrothed to Prince Rurik, a stalwart defender of Ascalon and a close friend of mine. From the laughter of Foible’s Fair to the wonder of Wizard’s Folly and through the breathtaking Regent Valley this land was the most beautiful and peaceful areas I had seen in any game.

      I was so taken with it that I didn’t even realize what the threat in the north would end up doing here. The complacency of the soldiers in Fort Ranik should have given me pause…great violence would soon make this place a forsaken desolation.

  14. In Timberline Falls, there be but a short walk north, parting the Whispering Falls and the charmingly vivid scenery which happens to be my most cherished perspective of Tyria. Scaling the beautifully textured rock leading up to this spectacle, I start to gaze upon the perfectly carved mountains that emboss the circuitous valley.

    As I summit, I behold the wondrous winding river that snakes its way into the mists. At the river’s source: an omnipotent waterfall, which embodies the power of ‘The Great Oouo’ that stands beside it, crashes gracefully down in concurrence with the delicate snow which chooses to settle beside my perch.

  15. Paani (deigryn[at] 27, 2013 at 7:38 AM

    There I stood, arrows in hand , ready to shoot the deer I was tracking down. My eyes followed it trails, but when I came to this place my hunt was forgotten immediately. Slowly I looked up.
    During my travels I've seen every corner of Tyria. I climbed mountains and dived through the sea. I've seen places more beautiful than I can describe and those so horrifying that they sometimes still hunt me in my dreams. I've seen birth and death, blooming forests and wastelands. But this place moved me in a way I didn't feel before. It broke my heart.
    Bones and bodies of dolyaks covered the ground, four of them must have recently died. I don't dare to think about the number of those that were covered by earth and stone. I talked to a woman standing near by. She called herself Martje the watcher and told me that old or injured dolyaks left their herd and came to this place waiting for death. It must have been their graveyard for hundreds of years. After I left her another dolyak arrived. It was an old animal, so majestic and proud, its eyes so calm and wise. It lay down and I knelt beside moving my fingers through its fur and listening to its last breath. When it died I prayed to the spirits of the wild to welcome it to the eternal hunting grounds. I could almost feel its spirit leaving its body, walking away wispering that there was no need for agony. I smiled. I may not have found the loveliest place in Tyria but I found the one that touched me most.
    I did not continue hunting the deer that day.

    1. Paani (deigryn[at] 27, 2013 at 12:13 PM

      In case you don't recognize the place I wrote about, it is Dolyak's Rest in Wildspine Hills (Harathi Hinterlands).

  16. I remember very clearly, almost as if it was yesterday. When I, a young man, took my very first innocent steps into adulthood, not knowing of the grand adventure that awaits me. It was a normal day, I thought at first, but then I noticed there were more people out in the streets than the usual. There was an air of cheerfulness and life that surpassed the norm. Apparently there was a circus in the kingdom and the streets were busier than normal. There colourful flags hung around the rooftops, people crowded the streets, little children running around gazing with much enthusiasm at the various shops selling all kinds of sweets. Such a peaceful day it was in Divinity’s Reach in the capital of Kryta. Then I fancied myself a walk and started towards the gate. As I stepped into Queensdale I was greeted not with the usual smiles and greetings of happy farmers and barmaids. Gone were the noisy children running around playing with wooden swords and toy dolls. There was no clear sky here, only the darkened horizon from the plumes of black soot. The chirping of birds was now replaced with cries of suffering and the blaze of the fire that had spread everywhere. And in the chaos while my thoughts drifted still trying to make sense of things I felt my body taking a dive, moved by instinct, toward what looked like a weapon that lay beside a lifeless guard. And thus began, my journey began…

  17. The greenery of Guild Wars 2 will forever be my home. It doesn't matter how much I try or how high level I get I will always end up back in Caledon Forest. It's simply one of the most beautiful places in the game.It reminds me of my childhood home on the west coast of Canada, the lush forests and beautiful beaches. The strange and sometimes frightening animals. The mystery of it always draws me in. No matter how much I explore it I'm always able to go back and find something new, some new place to jump to and get a better view of the area. The story held there by the NPCs and the Sylvari in general makes it one of the most engaging places to be. And just knowing that it all came from one simple act of planting a single tree makes it seem that much greater. For these reasons Caledon Forest will always be my favorite location.

  18. If only it wasnt region restricted, I would did my best to earn this! I so want to place all these staff above my desk, especialy the singed box!

  19. My favorite places in Guild Wars 1 was all of factions because I always loved Asian theme stuff for who knows how long. Yet,I actually ended up liking a lot of Tyria in GW2 because the extra depth in detail they basically added this time around. Yet, I always sometimes get surprised when I go to rata sum and hoelbrak because when I getting those POI that you will run into their main bad guys or bad factions recruiting in a little niche area.

    Yet, my favorite place in GW1 was running around in Raisu Palace because it was simply beautiful and really had that royal feeling when ran around in it. It was also cool during the mission to play there because you could knock down the bell statue thing at the start, or close off the Shiro'ken so you don't get overwhelmed and lose. I really just enjoyed GW1 game and Factions!

  20. The sun is so weak, clouded in this red sky, that there’s hardly any light left at all. This is a world of shadow. But how much more cherished, then, isn’t the light that’s left? From a distance it seems to be glowing scarlet, a fire that doesn’t flicker, reflecting on every surface it can find – and there are many of them. Discarded metal lies forlorn in the dust; torn fences raise their rusty fingers to the heavens, and even the ash that covers the ground is glittering like grey snow, hiding microscopic diamonds in its charcoal caress. Even the huge crystal that made this land what it is now reflects the rays of the sun, shining with a morbid, mesmerizing vitality. It, too, stretch spikey arms in prayer into the clouds, parting them gently as it grasps for the stars from which it fell. Hanging low in the sky, the glowing sun-disc can only light up one side of anything, and so everything is a play of light and dark, beings of yin and yang… but when you look at the dark side, you can never shut the light out completely. It hugs your frame like a caring mother, giving you an aura of stars, making you almost saint-like despite all darkness. It doesn’t matter that your face is a mask of black, futureless and anonymous. This has always been a holy place, where the Goddess of the Heavens used to smile down on lush grass and smiling irises. You may think she’s abandoned us because her statue is torn down, her wings broken, but the sky is still here, and the eye of the sun is still smiling at us, and one day the grass will grow back. One day the sky will lift its red mourning veil and allow the light back into this place in full, and irises and children may once again grin and laugh at one another. But until that day, do not shun this place. Come, and look at the play of the light and shadow. Come, and tell me if this place can ever be more beautiful than it is right now…

    (Of course, it could, because of enhanced graphics. But I’m still going to love that place outside of Ashford Abbey/Sardelac Sanitarium and the light it showed me, forever.)

    ~Ellemerr (screw profiles, it's too late for that nonsense. *shifty eyes*)

  21. My favorite region is Rata Sum. I love the asura and their home, Rata Sum, Is very fascinating to me, I mean seriously who else could make floating, detailed minecraft blocks?!?! ;) Whenever i stride into Rata Sum with my Asura Necromancer i am overwhelmed with the greatness theses tiny, Gremlin lookalikes, creatures have made. I love the fact that not only do they continue to expand their home, they just let the broken or no longer used parts just fall below their city and lie there. The vista on the bottom floor of Rata Sum gives u a glimpse of the awesomeness they had created and what they have created. Just looking down at their old technology fills me with joy and smart ass remarks! Rata Sum is truely an amazing place and i would give anything to just go there in real life and witness the amazement that Anet and the Asura have created!!

  22. It's really difficult to chose just one place but I think my favourite is Lion's Arch. I love it's architecture and it's great diversity. There are so many races living together at once! I also adore the way it changes when events come, I mean seeing Lion's Arch covered in snow is awesome. I really enjoy jumping puzzles and Lion's Arch is the only city that has them. The Weyandt’s Revenge jumping puzzle is, in my opinion, the best jumping puzzle there is and the other two aren't bad either. Another awesome thing is the place where the order of whispers is hidden. And then there's the old Lion's Arch of course. But this is not the reason I love Lion's Arch.
    I fell in love with Lion's Arch the moment I entered the city (being a norn, I came through the asura gate in Hoelbrak). It seemed magical to me. I've never seen any city like this one in my life. And then I saw the Lion statue and the fish around it and after that I knew I had to explore the whole city immediatly. I just wanted to see more of it's magic. And so I went and I saw all of the beautyfull vistas, I found all of the points of interest and then I found the diving board and I saw the ruins of old Lion's Arch and I really wished I could see what it was like before.
    But let's face it, the reason we all love Lion's Arch is simple: Pirates are awesome!
    I apologize for the mistakes I probably made. I'm not english but I did my best :)

  23. The battle-hardened Norn looked up from her meal at the question. "My favorite location in all of Tyria? Hmm...aside from Hoelbrak and her surrounding lands? Is there such a place that could be more beautiful, wild and free? I think there is not, although my distant ancestors might disagree."

    At that comment she chuckled and shook her head. The curious young adventurer seated at the table across from her merely placed her fork in her plate and crossed her arms, as she leaned back and quirked a brow in response.

    This coaxed yet another chuckle out of Hinoreth, and she leaned back from her own meal and nodded her respect to the curious young adventurer. "All right then, I suppose you are interested in something a bit off track from one's own homeland." Another chuckle. Tapping her fingers against her worn armor, she looked off, momentarily lost in thought. "Ah, I think I have a place in mind," smiling her eyes glanced down at her empty mug. "But this is a thirsty tale. Would you mind?"

    Moments later, Hinoreth leaned back, sipping contentedly. "Much appreciated. Now then, have you ever heard of the Lore Claw Expanse?" Her eyes took on a bit of a mischievous look as the curious young adventurer responded in the negative. "No? It's rumored to hold a great treasure, and so I was certainly curious about the place."

    Hinoreth took a long draught of ale and settled into her tale.


  24. "I had heard that it was an extremely perilous place, but quite honestly, finding it at all seemed the largest challenge at first. Lost in the Planes of Ashford--a very hot, dry and unpleasant place, let me tell you--I found myself asking from camp to camp where I might find this place. Many told me that it didn't actually exist; it was really just a tall tale, but I remained persistant. Eventually, I met a grizzled old Charr who told me (in exchange for my last bottle of ale, but who am I to judge?) to swim to the bottom of the Ascalon Basin and I might find something.

    I thought he was just swindling me out of some drink, but decided to try it anyway. As I swam near the bottom, I found a tunnel! And was immediately swarmed by man-eating fish! I swam as hard as I coud through the tunnel, as it was faster than trying to backtrack, and managed to surface on the other side with only a few bits of flesh sacrificed for my efforts.

    I thought he was just swindling me out of some drink, but decided to try it anyway. As I swam near the bottom, I found a tunnel! And was immediately swarmed by man-eating fish! I swam as hard as I coud through the tunnel, as it was faster than trying to backtrack, and managed to surface on the other side with only a few bits of flesh sacrificed for my efforts.

    only to be nearly skewered by a spike trap! Right there, on the ledge! I barely dodged out of the danger, and right into a second spike trap! See this deep score on my breastplate? Yeah, thank the spirits for this heavy armor. I anticipated the third spike trap and therefore had little trouble with it, but I wasn't even near the upper ruins yeat and almost met my demise twice!

    Another dangerous, balancing act followed which took me to a sort of stair case. Tremors were hitting the cavern periodically which made balancing nearly impossible. The next area was even worse than the pit traps, if that can be believed--a gauntlet of fire! In every direction! There was only one way to go and that was straight through, and pray to the great spirits that I could time my jumps and dodges well!"


  25. Hinoreth paused in her tale a moment, and removed her left bracer to display a lengthy burn scar along her arm. "Well, I did not time them as well as I could have hoped, but I survived." With a thoughtful look, she refastened her bracer.

    "After the gauntlet of fire, I found myself on a solid set of stairs. Safety at last! I quickly moved up the stairs and just as quickly discovered the source of the tremors within the cavern, as boulders came rolling down the stairs! I tried to dodge, but was clipped by the second one and found myself whirling into empty space!

    The spirits were truly looking out for me that day, as I found myself caught by the arm by a large completely black Charr, who hauled me up. His name was Chokk and he had passed the gauntlet before me, which is why the cavern had been shaking earlier. Aside from two white markings near his eyes, he was completely black and wore black leathers. I often lost track of where he was, as he blended in with the shadows effortlessly and had a quite calmness to his dimeanor that I had not yet encountered with any other cat-man previously. He explained that he was unable to continue further and had begun to head back. Had he not, I would have perished on the staircase that day!

    Looking around, I could see the problem. The upper terrace ended in a sheer drop, with a waterfall on the other side. There were no stairs, no visible bridges. It seemed a dead end. As I approached to take a closer look, two large ravens who had been perched at the edge of the terrace took flight. They passed through the waterfall and disappeared. A few moments later I heard what I thought was the sound of tiny claws finding a perch on the other side. I decided to trust in the spirits one final time and make a leap of faith.

    It seemed that I sailed through the air for ages before I hit the ground in a rolling stop on the other side. I came out of it a bit scuffed and bruised but otherwise intact. I called out to Chokk who followed my insane leap and made it safe as well. On this side of the waterfall was a large room and in the center was a large pedestal and on top of that, a great chest! We had found it! As we approached the chest, it's guardians appeared and attacked us. The fight was long and hard. Chokk fought like a shadow, like the spirit of Raven herself, and I managed to hold my own as well. We triumphed and Chokk puzzled open the chest. Once open, we found it partially empty. We guessed that only true, dedicated adventurers ever made it this far, and as such only took part of the reward, so that others who braved the same ordeal and won would have something to show for it as well. After some thought, we decided to do the same."


  26. Her ale long since gone, Hinoreth pushed away from the table and stood. "The Lore Claw Expanse challenged me as a Warrior and adventurer in ways that few things in my life have, and perhaps that is why it is and always will be one of my favorite places in all of Tyra. In the end it had one more surprise in store for us, but I am going to choose to keep that to myself as I can see that glint in your eye, and if you are going to brave the Expanse, there is no challenge in knowing all of it's secrets--that is, if you even believe this tale. No, no," Hinoreth pushed the curious young adventurer's coins back to her. "Your meal is on me."

    Winking, she placed a flawless gemstone on the table and turned wordlessly to walk out of the inn, into the crisp night. As she made her way out, a shadow seemed to follow her.


  27. Hi there! It's Diint!
    If I had to narrow my choosing to just one location of the Guild Wars world I simply must choose Divinity's Reach. When Arena Net promised us a diverse busy world, it was made very clear they were not kidding when you saw Divinity's Reach. There is always something interesting going on. Kids playing tag, a carnival, and other miscellaneous goings on by commoners that simply makes the city come alive. It's easy to forget it isn't actually real because of just how immersive it is. It isn't just the townsfolk that help achieve this. It is also due to the players in the city. Given that my server is a rather popular for Roleplaying you can always bet that you will happen across a few role players. Whether it is an epic overarching event going on or a simple conversation being held in the tavern, every little it helps to give the rich fantasy taste that Divinity's Reach gives you. Arena Net has given us the tools but the we, the players, are helping to keep it driven. It's funny, actually, last November when I was the hospital for practically the whole month on bed rest, I continuously found myself daydreaming about Divinty's Reach. If I needed to escape from the horrible hospital food or the despondent geriatric in the bed next to me I could simply think back to the last time I was in Divinty's Reach. I really don't just consider it my favorite place in Guild Wars, I kind of view it as my Guild Wars home. Not just the home of my character, but the place I can go to to escape the petty mundane and surrounded by a rich taste of fantasy and a "Living Story," if you'll pardon the reference.
    Thank you so much Alucardalina !

  28. My favorite location in Guild Wars2 is without a doubt Hoelbrak – Norn's main and largest settlement. One of nicest settlements you can find in Guild Wars2 game. It's easy to find everything you need, even if it's your first time visiting this location.
    Like whole Shiverpeak Mountains, Hoelbrak is full of snow and you won't find there a warm place. Make sure your character wears something which doesn't make him freeze out there. He must have a lot of strength for daily achievements and quests.
    In Hoelbrak you'll find five lodges: The Great Lodge, Snow Leopard Lodge, Wolf Lodge, Bear Lodge and Raven Lodge. Next to every lodge you can find amazing, huge ice sculpture corresponding to name of lodge. My personal favorite is Snow Leopard... Maybe because it looks like event might start in any minute and Snow Leopard – still and beautiful while ago – will turn into scary and powerful opponent. I'd recommend to watch out also for Bear. He doesn't look friendly at all.
    Light plays a huge role in this location. Since, because of snow, it's white everywhere, one light of different color makes Hoelbrak even more beautiful. Guild Wars2 creators made sure that place called „Might and Mine”- placed in the centre of location, makes everything a bit brighter.
    Since it's settlement, you won't find any monsters there. It's calm and safe location, where you can relax and make sure you have all things you need for a long journey through different locations.
    Person who loves winter and animals theme will definitely enjoy staying there and admire beautiful ice sculptures. Or you can just enjoy yourself by running around, throwing snowballs and trying to become friendly with pets.

    P.S. I'm not even a Norn, yet this place is the one I visit the most.

  29. My favorite location in all of Tyria was, naturally, the inside of the "empty" jail cell in the stasis facility of Rata Sum. I can assure you that my placement in this cell was all due to a big misunderstanding me between myself and a very strange wall. I was just swimming along with some friendly fish, and then I find myself stuck in a stasis chamber (without pants).

    From my beautifully-designed, if slightly cramped, cell I could see my fellow inmates. There was a talking bear, whom seemed strangely familiar to me. Where did I know him from? Or did I know him at all? After all, bears do all tend to look alike, especially once they've been drinking. Then there was Zaiyah who, from what I gleaned from the guards, is a complete imbecile (at least to the other Asura). "Doctor" Bluup kept giving me odd looks and asking how often I use my fingers and would I miss them if some of them just "disappeared". I tried my best to ignore him, but he was the only other prisoner near me who wasn't either an etheral chicken or a drunk bear; so, he was my only source of conversation for the short time I was held.

    Luckily, in the end, I was set free (or escaped, if you want to use the word the guards used) and cleared of any wrongdoing. While I'm glad to not have Sir Cluckington staring at me for hours, I do miss the technological wonders of the prison, and of Rata Sum as a whole.