Eye of the North: Unfinished Outside

 It isn't Halloween related this time. Sorry!

So last night, I was checking my stats page and followed a reddit link to the Guild Wars 2 reddit page. I don't really go on reddit all that often; I get linked on the site all the time and I want to thank everyone supporting me there! However, I saw a thread that interested me greatly!
Outside Hall of Monuments it's Big was what I saw there. It's a very interesting thread and I knew I had to have a look right away! I must say that I am absolutely impressed with A-net here. I've never known a game company to work as detailed and loving towards a game as they have. I was brought back to memory lane when I went outside to explore. A lot of people commented how nothing looks the same, but it does. It was incredibly thought out. I've honestly been playing Guild Wars so much that I recognize rock and ground formations. When I went out, I found that these formations were still there and I was impressed and filled with so much glee, I had to stop and calm down. What impresses me most is that the designers have even thought about what we don't see and still put effort and thought into it. Sure, there are no trees past a certain point, no real details to the ground, but the point is, it's still the same and still had a lot of thought put into it.  I didn't expect to find anything familiar, so I didn't plan on taking screenshots, but I had to when I arrived. Here's a bit of what I saw on my journey!

*Dear A-net, if you're reading this, thank you so much for putting so much thought into this game. Please know that I'm not doing this for any sort of gain and I'm doing this to show how much effort this game has put into it. If this counts as an exploit or something that you're looking down upon, please do tell me. I'm not looking to exploit the game by any means and would hate to be on your bad side after all this time!


  1. How did you go outside to cap EotN in GW2?

  2. It's mentioned in the reddit thread's comments; They explain it much better than I could.