Ascalon City - First Person View

"It's a glorious day to be alive, is it not? I know some might think of these as dark times with the Charr threatening us from the north, but Ascalon is the greatest nation in fair Tyria. We shall never fall before the Charr, never!"   - Prince Rurik

It's been recent since we've gotten the option to have a first person point of view in Guild Wars 2, which will make screenshots a lot easier now. As such, I decided to go explore Ascalon City between Pre-searing and Guild Wars 2 times and document the changes. It's the first time I've been able to document specific locations within the city. That being said, there isn't much left to see on Guild Wars 2's side. This is probably likely due to the lore that the Charr have been tearing down the human buildings since taking over the area again (as we see in particular events in game as well, not in the city but regarding the wall in the Iron Marches).

The best way to go in game and look at these specific locations in the city yourself would be to find the bridge to the academy (like the first picture shows.) Pivoting on this spot in both games is how I've taken many of the pictures included in this post. Since this is one of the few places visually that both games have in common for the city, it's easier to navigate starting from this point. 

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