Ashford Abbey - Ascalon

"Situated just outside of the catacombs, Ashford Abbey is the resting place for many of Ascalon's most distinguished deceased citizens."

I have a theory that the Ascalonians (and humans in general) in Guild Wars saw their world and structures as being much more grand than they actually ever were. Ascalonians had the most pride for their country and may have remembered their structures more detailed, more beautiful, than what was actually there. I think that is why, in Guild Wars 2, we see these buildings a lot more differently than we may have in Guild Wars. The wear and tear and effects of the charr and the searing have, of course, torn most of the Ascalonian architecture down, so we no longer see them in their former glory, or even at all, in the second game.

Ashford Abbey has quite the history itself. It started out as an abbey and catacombs, then turned into Sardelac Sanitarium- a location for those driven mad by events in the searing. Now the abbey ruins are down to bricks and the entrance to the catacombs. While we can no longer enter the section of the catacombs seen in the first game, there is the Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon that we can assume is a connection we could not see in the first game due to shut off doors and large chasms where rivers ran to cut us off from the rest of the building.

The best way to find yourself around the area in both games is to head inside of the catacombs. In Guild Wars that's a little easier to find as it is it's own separate map you find inside the abbey. In Guild Wars 2, however, you should look for the "Abbey Ruins" text on the map and head inside of the hollowed out area in the rocks. As soon as you find the stairs inside of the entrance, everything else should be easy to find. 

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