Salt Flats - Shattered Templar

One of the first visual Guild Wars references we see in the Path of Fire expansion of Guild Wars 2 is the giant statue called "Shattered Templar". It's so prominent and easy to find that it even has its own point of interest. The wiki points out that the helmet on the statue is likely the Templar armor helm. There isn't much information in game surrounding this statue but it's probably worth pointing out that there are a few of these statues scattered around the Crystal Desert.

While it's pretty easy to get to in Guild Wars 2, getting there in Guild Wars is a bit of a trek. If you're looking to discover this location for yourself, I suggest traveling through Amnoon Oasis and hugging the top of the map. You'll have to deal with a plethora of Jade Scarabs and Devourers but if you tend to get lost easily, its easier to navigate Prophet's Path than it is Salt Flats.  I used the middle of the head and hand to pivot around to get my bearings. It should probably be noted that the statue has switched orientations over the last 250 years so my screenshots are centered on the statue rather than the new orientation in Guild Wars 2.

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