Resurrection Shrines

The newest Living Story update in Guild Wars 2 took us back to Orr, specifically to a place where the human gods once walked. While Orr wasn't accessible during the original Guild Wars game, we can still see some 'relics' of things we might remember from the first game. 
For this post I wanted to talk about the Resurrection Shrines we see scattered throughout Siren's Landing.  In the first game, these shrines were where you would be sent back to if your party completely died on a map since there were no waypoints back then. These shrines sometimes contained statues of the human gods and in Nightfall, provided bonuses if you kneeled at the shrine and paid a fare to the gods. 
In Siren's Landing we see several of these Resurrection Shrines that are dedicated to Abbadon. Kneeling at them provides no favor as the former god, Abbadon, has been destroyed at this point in the timeline. 
The architecture of the shrine is very similar to the shrines you find in Elona. This makes a lot of sense as the story of Nightfall revolved around Abbadon and Elona and the story of Path of Fire will be taking us to Elona. Perhaps we'll come to know more about the forgotten god in this new expansion pack.

Siren's Landing


Other Resurrection Shrines
Ascalon Pre-Searing


Shing Jea Island


Maguuma Wastes

Maguuma Jungle

Tarnished Coast


Northern Shiverpeaks

Southern Shiverpeaks

Crystal Desert

Post-Searing Ascalon

The Northlands

Far Shiverpeaks

 Ring of Fire

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