Bloodstone Fen

"Go on if you want. But you should know, the stone disrupts divine energy. Those killed on top of it take much longer to resurrect." -Blade Scout Ryder

Bloodstone Fen was an important turning point in Guild Wars as it was the mission that our characters saw the true nature of the White Mantle. With the return of Living Story/World Season 3, we also found the return of the Bloodstone Fen map, but with a lot of changes. Namely the fact that it was the epicenter of a strange explosion.

Because of this explosion, the map doesn't look very familiar, especially around the area that the Bloodstone used to rest. That's why I have to tell you that the few pictures that I got are mostly an approximation  of where I think that things might have been based on major and minor features in the land.

The last picture in this post is only a part of the bloodstone that has apparently broken into several pieces.  It shows what I presume to be the writing we see on it in the first game, though it looks very different and larger. The fact that it's been lit up means the bloodstone was charged recently and we can see the effects of it in the second game.

Of course, we also get more than just locational references with the new map. At a seemingly new colosseum the players get to fight Justicar Hablion, who was the final boss of the Bloodstone Fen mission in the original Guild Wars. There's more than that but there's a risk of spoiling the mission for those who haven't played it yet.


  1. That was fast, awesome! Thank you, always appreciate your lore bits :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading! <3

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    I haven't read all of your content, I haven't done HoT quests yet and I'm a bit afraid of there being spoilers, but from what I've seen you make good quality content. Seems to be role play, too? Hope to see more of these!

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