Mistlock Observatory

"Re-live the greatest and most exciting moments from Tyria's past as you test your strength, speed, and skill against some of the most formidable opponents from the annals of history."  -The Consortium PR and Legal Defense Team

In the same patch that Rising Flames was released, the Guild Wars 2 team also implemented changes to the Mistlock Observatory map. Many more islands have appeared around Dessa's main island while others have shifted around.  Not only were there numerous visual changes (like trees and grass sprouting from the rocks where there were previously none), but you can now play through a beautiful jumping puzzle while waiting for your party to get ready for their next fractal run. Or alone- if parties and fractals aren't really your thing.

As of this patch, Mistlock observatory no longer suffers from a flat 'creamsicle' sky and a lot of things have moved around, notably a small island with a bit of ruin left on it. Fast growing trees and shifting islands are probably due to the nature of the mists that they exist in; perhaps we'll see more visual updates to the fractals and observatory in the future.


  1. Awesome, thank you! Didn't expect this one so it kinda surprised me.
    I always wonder how you manage to get back in the older versions, or if you perhaps have a gigantic screenshot folder of all locations ever.

    Good hunting!

    1. Thank you for being a continued reader, Aramil!
      I do literally have thousands of screenshots of GW2 on my computer so sometimes I'm pretty set when it comes to new places being introduced. However, a lot of my earlier screenshots have my character in them because there was no first person originally so I try to get new ones when I can.
      As for things like this post, I tend to scour the net for rumors or information just before updates and if anyone mentions that a place might be changed, I'll take screenshots anyway. Better safe than sorry, right?