Serenity Temple

"Welcome to Serenity Temple. May the Goddess Mother Dwayna watch over your steps and carry you through the darkness. " - Priestess Rashenna

I remember when I was playing through Guild Wars and I came across an outpost in a place I wasn't really expecting one. It was actually kind of a relief because I have a habit of hoarding items to sell and feel really bad about leaving things behind and Pockmark Flats actually has a good amount of enemies with a few quests active.

Serenity Temple seems like maybe it was once really grand, like those ruined buildings you see in The Northlands before The Searing. You can see the walls that stood around it at one time and really tall pillars that probably once supported a grander building. We only get to see it in Guild Wars post Searing, though, so in the end it's just a lot of rubble that blends into the environment without closer study.

In Guild Wars 2, however, Serenity Temple has been very clearly marked by the Brand and has sunken into the land. The statues, pillars, and stones are now twisted with Kralkatorrik's bizarre energy. The dirt itself even glows with a radiant purple. One of the more important things to notice, however, is that the Brand has powered up the Dwayna statue. For those of you who may need a refresher, the statue of Dwayna only stands in the original Guild Wars if the Gods favor the world. This isn't the first instance of a Dwayna statue standing in a world that the Gods have disappeared from;  The Temple of Ages also has one but the swamp is also seeing obvious energies from the underworld. It's a lot to think about, but it might just be a case of the statues needing any strong energy to active them rather than just that of the Gods.

I think it's also worth noting that Priestess Rashenna now has a grave in the temple area. She was one of the NPCs in the temple in the first game.

Serenity Temple is easy to explore between both games if you want to compare them. While I plotted things meticulously on the map, the statue of Melandru is actually what I used to center myself. It would be easy, then, to just stand by the statue of Melandru and pivot in both games to see the differences and similarities.

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