Lion's Arch

"Where else should a Canthan fleet land? Ascalon is in ruins. Orr has sunken into the sea. The Dwarves don't properly appreciate imported goods. No, it had to be Kryta, and there is no greater city in all of Kryta than Lion's Arch. As they say: In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king." - Jiaju Tai

Lion's Arch has gone through many battles, but it has always stood strong and found itself built anew. Each new disaster upon Lion's Arch only serves as a reason to build it bigger and better.

Lion's Arch was always a central hub in Guild Wars. The fountain was perhaps the most iconic feature. It became a place for players searching for parties or to sell off their items to other players. In the world of Guild Wars 2, the Lion's Arch fountain is now deep underneath the water of the harbor. Lion's Arch isn't abandoned, though. The more current iteration of the city was built again on dry land after the rising of Orr sunk what is now known as "Old Lion's Arch."

There isn't a lot to see underwater beyond the fountain and the entrance of the city. The fountain now lays askew after an attack by Scarlet sent a drill plunging into the center of Old Lion's Arch. After such attack, some other parts of old Lion's Arch have resurfaced. One of the examples being the last comparison picture before the maps in this post. The mud has been stirred enough to uncover lost parts of the old city.

Diving underwater, it's pretty dark now, but it's really easy to find your way around using the key monuments in the city. The fountain, of course, is one of them. Just north of the fountain would be the entrance to the Lion's Arch Keep. The new city of Lion's Arch once had the ruins of the keep, however they have since been replaced with a monument instead.  Another is the building with the two lion statues. It still stands, but it doesn't really have an interior as we can assume it once may have. Instead, you can find your way to an ectoplasm gambling skritt merchant through the walls. Lastly, there is the large platform that once housed the merchants' circle in Old Lion's Arch. Like the fountain, it is now tilted from it's original position, but still marks off a necessary part of Old Lion's Arch. 

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