The Granite Citadel

"Located between the Stone Summit hotbeds Tasca's Demise and Spearhead Peak, the Granite Citadel is a grand fortress held by the Deldrimor Dwarves. A safe harbor in a deadly ocean of hostility, the outpost here sells relief to weary adventurers. "

Maybe it's time to break up the unending Ascalon posts. While Ascalon is probably filled with the most significant locations leftover between the two games, the rest of Tyria has a lot to offer as well. The Granite Citadel in the Shiverpeaks is such a location. Originally sitting between Tasca's Demise and Spearhead Peak, it now lies in the large map of Dredgehaunt Cliffs.

This location is a little odd when it comes to it's transfer over into Guild Wars 2. It's completely turned around. In Guild Wars it was set so that the houses were at the south exit and the citadel itself was situated diagonally with the northern tip facing the west. In Guild Wars 2, the houses are now at the north exit and the northern tip is now facing east.

In Guild Wars, it didn't feel as if the Granite Citadel was a really lore centric area. It was mostly an outpost where you could buy some of the Prophecies prestige armor or to warp to if you planned to go into Mineral Springs to get ascended without the trouble of going through several missions again. In the sequel, however, they pay tribute to the characters within and around the area with the heart task. Reading many of the graves, it would ask a question about a character, usually what they were collecting, selling, or what their role was. The Priory seems to be camped out in this area and looking into relics concerning the dwarves who once lived there.

Seeing as this outpost has been turned around, it was difficult to decide if the pictures needed to taken with the current orientation or not. I chose to take them based on the specific features.

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