Kamadan / Palawadan

"Built around relics and statues from the days of the Primeval Kings, Kamadan has earned the title, Jewel of Istan." -Outpost description

The Jewel of Istan may have survived more than two centuries between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 but not without major changes. While the layout is pretty similar on the map, actually walking between Kamadan and Palawadan shows that a lot has happened since Palawa Joko took reign. The stairs have been inverted in front of the statue and new buildings have sprung up around the merchants area from the first game, for example.

Kamadan is really simple to get to since it's the first major city of Nightfall. Palawadan, however, is filled with enemies; the best time to get a good look at it is after the meta event has been cleared. I recommend starting at the statue in the west and running clockwise to get a feel for the area between the two games.

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