The Falls

"Water cascades over the rocks into a pool so deep you can't see the bottom." -The Falls

In the first game, taking a trip to The Falls requires a long trek. In fact, the entire map was named "The Falls" but it's in reference to this particular location, despite the fact that more waterfalls exist in the map. It's a land filled with centaurs, trolls, skale, wind riders, and other more earthly creatures. It has changed a lot in between games in that regard, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the namesake was nearly an exact copy in between both games. If there was ever a location that one would want to see 'Guild Wars 1 with a graphical update', this would be a prime example. It's worth checking them out side by side if you get the chance.

Auric Basin is a really large map; the scale is so much bigger than what it was in Guild Wars, which is probably a common problem that I have when trying to align locations. There are three key locations that helped me to understand the scale and get my bearings. I've decided that I'll do separate posts for these locations. They were breathtaking and so similar to their first game's counterpart that it seems important for them to have their own posts.

The Falls point of interest, luckily, is easy to navigate, especially if you find the rock ledge. Most of these pictures are taken from this point and rotating around. Getting there can be the difficult part.

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