The Great Northern Wall

This is kind of a late post, but last week I visited the Iron Marches. It was a very pleasant surprise to find the  Searing cauldron still standing. I recommend taking a listen to the conversation that takes place around the cauldron and find out why the Priory thinks it should stay but the villagers think it needs to go.

Also, I was slightly disappointed to find that Piken Square looked so unusual compared to the first game. Mainly that the entrances seem to be a little off. Rather than just the upper corner being a graveyard, the entire thing is now, which is really neat!
I still have some areas in the upper part of the map to chart, but after that, I will be pinpointing interesting locations on the map for you as well as providing more screenshots (Kilnn Testibrie's tomb included). For now, I hope that you'll enjoy these few shots!

Searing Cauldron
Piken Square

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