Traveling the Shiverpeaks

So, I've been poking my way through the Shiverpeaks. I've found a lot of places that bring back memories, and some that look completely different from what they did in the first game. Believe it or not, but the Shiverpeaks have always been my favorite place, but it's no secret that I love any place that has snow in it.

I heard that Droknar's Forge was under water and had to head over to see it immediately. Yes, it's mostly submerged and all of the snow is gone; if you don't know the lore behind it, a volcano erupted, melting the never-melting ice of the southern mountains. We can only imagine that Primordus is behind it all.

Droknar's Forge
Entrance to Droknar's Forge
Droknar's Forge buildings

And I continued to poke my way through the game, despite a demanding personal life to attend to, and eventually leveled enough to seek out Yak's Bend. I really wanted to visit this place whether there was a trace of it left or not, so I marked it on my map and set off as soon as I hit 73. I found it without any problems- in fact, like most places, it has a point of interest and a waypoint naming it off. I was stunned at how similar it was still, especially in geography since everything around it had nearly changed completely. 

Yak's Bend
Yak's Bend/ Traveler's Vale
Yak's Bend Exit
Yak's Bend
I have several backlogged screenshots from weeks ago that I will hopefully be posting sometime this month. Please continue your support of us by viewing the page. And yet again, I hope that some of you will submit some comparison shots of your own. They don't have to be of different than what I have already. Let's fill that page up, okay?

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  1. I really enjoy and appreciate your work you are doing for the Guild Wars 2 Community. Having said that, this Game looks so fantastic and beautiful, it's stunning.

    There are propaply alot of people that can't decide if they should give GW2 a try or not. Looking at those pictures propaply give them a good resource and advice that they should really join the adventure!

    Thanks for this great Work and pictures of Tyria. I'll gonna share a few ones of those images with my friends, because they look so fantastic.