Beta Weekend Event 2

The next BWE starts today. Will anyone be taking screenshots to submit to us? Are there any places that you are planning to go out and see today?  Will you be exploring the newly opened areas?

For those of you who will be taking sceenshots this weekend, you can post the pictures on our Facebook page and I will upload any non-repeats of current screenshots, or one's I will be posting after this weekend. (Maybe I'll upload everything on one new fan page and only document non-repeats if there are enough submissions.)

While I prefer that you post the side by sides in one image, if you can give me the before and after picture, I can put them side by side myself.

Keep in mind the following as you submit though:

  • Before images go on the left, after on the right.
  • Images where the locations that don't match up won't be accepted.
  • Images where the image quality (not the game quality) is too poor will not be accepted.
  • For Guild Wars 2 images, the one of the left must be a Guild Wars 1 image.
  • I have to right to deny posting up an image for any reason of my choosing.
  • And most of all, have loads of fun.
I hope to see lots of submissions this weekend, if I do not, I will still be posting some of my own!

On another note, Project Tyria now has a Guild Wars 2 guild: Project Tyria [PrTy]. If you wish to be part of this, just comment with your in game name!

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