Beta Weekend Event 2 Pictures

Do we have a lot in store for you this coming week. This last weekend, I took about 30 location shots. While I won't be able to dump them all in one day, I'll try to upload new photos over the week until I am done. What I will also be working on as well, as I mentioned in the last post, is a map detailing key locations that might be of interest for those of you who enjoy the site.  Another feature I will be adding is a bit of lore or information under the pictures on their pages (not posts). I will go back and cover the older pictures I've taken in this with information as well.

I will have more pictures through the week, and maybe even a few times daily, so please keep checking back!

Click to view larger image!



Wizard's Tower and Fisherman's Haven
Nebo Village
Ascalonian Settlement

Shiverpeak Mountains

Beacons Perch


Lakeside County/Plains of Ashford
Ashfod Abby
Ashford Catacombs

Inside Ashford Catacombs
Ascalon City Structure



  1. good work but upload more screens from destroyed buildings and cities like ascalon :P and maybe u can take flooded places with water, for example flooded lions arch vs old lions arch :P

    1. I have, actually!
      And I will be uploading more today. If you want to see flooded Lions Arch, you should click the link under the description to the left. It says GW1 vs GW2 Complete Collection. It's an easy way to access all of the previous pictures posts I have put up on the site. You can find Old Lions Arch there with many more pictures!