Picture Dump 1

 Transferring pictures over here from my original blog!

Click each picture to view the larger version!

Lions Arch/ Old Lions arch

Lions Arch/ Old Lions arch
Temple of the Ages
Barradin Estate


Rin(Nolani Academy)/Black Citadel

The Breach

Ascalonian Catacombs

Lakeside County


  1. These are fantastic! Well done. I was looking around Old Lion's Arch but couldn't see anything I recognised.

  2. God Job!! Was trying to do something like this too, but only had trial time xp

  3. im new to gw2 would be nice if you posted which is from gw2 and which is from gw1 cause some of the ones on the right look better :/

    1. The one on the right will always be the GW2 pictures, as well as the post-searing pictures in the Pre/post searings posts. It goes with the before and after sequence. I apologize for not making that clear before.

  4. The ones on the right are gw2

  5. What a fab idea! I too loved trying to find iconic landmarks to compare form GW to GW2. Pretty pictures and great job! Love the blog and glad others do too!

    Moth Willowdancer