What Is Project Tyria?

What is Project Tyria?
I've always loved the graphic of the Guild Wars games and have grown to love the world of Tyria.There's nothing like adventuring through the vines of the Maguuma Jungle or trudging through the snow of the Shiverpeaks. Ascalon has evolved many times now, and a lot of Kryta is underwater. We were there in the before times, and now we arrive again in the after.
    One of the things I absolutely adore are before and after pictures. Don't know why, maybe I like progress? But in celebration of the upcoming Guild Wars 2, I decided to do some comparison pictures to show the progress Tyria has made in the last 250 years. This blog is dedicated to showing those pictures off to the world!
     If you have any pictures you want to add to the blog, feel free to contact me or post via our Facebook page: Project Tyria on Facebook. I will tag your name and even your GW related site to the pictures if I post them on the blog. I'm not only going to post my own pictures here, but anyone else who wants to join in to Project Tyria!


  1. I never played Guild Wars, but my girlfriend did. I think she spent more time in Guild Wars than I spent in here... you know what I mean ^^

    I always watched her while playing and I can remember some places. Really nice work! Keep it up =D

    1. Watching games being played can be fun, too, right? =3
      Thanks, Arg0n, for visiting the site! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I very much enjoyed the comparison pictures! Thanks for doing this.