Spotlight: Tyria Weekly

 A lot of sites are brought to my attention while seeing where my traffic comes from. It's a splendid deal for those of us who seek information on a similar subject. I want to be able to return the favor for those of you who have brought attention to Project Tyria in a good way. In an expansion to the featured posts I have written up, I would also like to spotlight a few sites that have done the same for us every so often.

 Today I want to mention Tyria Weekly, a video cast on Youtube that covers news and the like on Guild Wars and other MMOs. They seemed to say very kind and interesting things on Project Tyria (amongst other subjects).

 So I ask that you take the time to watch their videos! I enjoy them a lot, and I think many of you would as well! You can find where they talk about Project Tyria towards the middle of the video, but I suggest you watch all of it.

On another note, for those of you eagerly awaiting more screenshots, I'm currently trying to gather more from the submissions of our fans. I just need to get some information from the owner of said submissions before I can post them up!

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