Pre vs Post Searing II +1 GW1/GW2

We hit 50k views today! So, I decided to share some more Pre-Post Searing pictures.  With the 50k mark being hit, I also decided to venture into Rin and find a matching location for a screenshot I had saved before.. This proved difficult. Marking the location on the maps before I went in looking for it, I ventured forth into Nolani Academy. After reaching the location, all I saw was a plain hill of cliffs where the ruin should be. I decided to travel further, looking now for a building that matched the one in the GW2 shot. It wasn't until the end of the map that I found a building that looked vaguely like the one in my picture. I suppose this shows the changes that have happened in an even weirder way. Ruins that aren't there before, but after~


  1. THIS IS BEST FAN PAGE ABOUT GW2 !!! THANK YOU KEEP YOUR WORK !!! But i want more screens :PP and cities comparsion too !!! GOOD WORK !

  2. Thank you! I'm honored to hear that you think this way about us!
    I'll try to put out more screenshots soon. For now, we have a few fan submissions that may be posted soon! I'll be sure to take plenty, plenty, plenty more during the next Beta Weekend Event.