Augury Rock - Outpost

"This was where the Chosen of Tyria once attained Ascension to be closer to the gods. They were heroes who saved Tyria from the mursaat, from the Lich, and from the titans." -Kaidenna (Guild Wars 2)

Like the mesa part of Augury Rock, the outpost is an amazing choice to start with if you want to see places in the Crystal Desert that are nearly a perfect match between the two games. 

If you want to see for yourself the similarities in both games you should stand on the end of the teleporter and pivot your character to get a panoramic of the area. Paying close attention to the two gates' locations also proved useful but this is one of those locations that you will likely see the similarities instantly. 

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  1. i thoroughly enjoy all of these. thank you for putting the time into making these.