Win some free loot from Project Tyria.

Hello everyone!

Want a chance to win some real life Guild wars 2 loot?
Today is the day I finally let spill the details of our contest. As you can see, Project Tyria is based on taking screenshots in game so, naturally, this will be a screenshot contest! However, that's not all. In celebration of the recently announced "Flashpoint" episode, I also want to hear about the places from the original Guild Wars game that you'd like to see appear in future Guild Wars 2 content. This contest will run from April 25th until May 8th, 11:59pm EDT.
We will choose three winners in the week after the contest has ended.
The Twitter and Facebook winners will be chosen at random from their respective platform.
The "Best Screenshot" winner will be chosen from a pool of  both the Facebook and Twitter participants. We'll judge the picture based on the quality and creativity of the image.


  • Reply to our Facebook post and/or our Twitter post (the two linked here in this rule are the only ones that count)
  • In your post, include your own screenshot with your character in a location in Guild Wars 2 that appears in Guild Wars 1.  (For example: Ascalon Academy)
  • Also, in your post, include a location from the original Guild Wars that you would like to see in future Guild Wars 2 updates. (For example: Longeye's Ledge)


Twitter Winner:
Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns T-shirt (XL) and a Heart of Thorns pin from PAX South.

Facebook Winner:  
Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns T-shirt (XL) and a Heart of Thorns lanyard

Best Screenshot:  
Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns T-shirt (XL)

If you aren't sure what places in Guild Wars 2 appear in Guild Wars, you can always look at the rest of the blog for ideas.
If you haven't played the original Guild Wars, the Guild Wars Wiki has valuable information that you can put to use in this contest.
If you do not understand the rules or need help finding a location for this contest, feel free to comment on this post and I'll do my best to help you.


  • If you do not follow all three rules, you will be disqualified. If I suspect that someone has made multiple accounts to get an edge in the contest, I will disqualify them as well. I will not make it publicly known who I've disqualified and who I haven't.
  • You may enter both the Twitter and Facebook versions of the contest but you cannot win more than one prize. If your name is drawn for both, I will email you and ask for your choice in prizes before drawing another name for the leftover prize.
  • I also live in a home with cats. Though the shirts and pin are sealed in plastic, I cannot guarantee that they will be fur free when they arrive. Exercise extreme caution if you are allergic and decide to enter this contest and by entering you assume responsibility.
  • The winners for the contest will be chosen randomly through a random generator except for the "Best Screenshot" category. Best Screenshot will be chosen by those who run Project Tyria based on quality and creativity.
  • Because of Shipping costs, this is for US and Canada residents only!

Also, a big thank you to Arenanet for making this possible!


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