Happy Anniversary, Guild Wars!

Today, April 28th, marks the anniversary of Guild Wars, the original game in the series. It is hard to believe that this is the 12th anniversary. Happy Birthday Guild Wars!

The game has lost none of the charm for me, though, in all my years of playing. When I venture out, especially to take pictures, I find myself getting caught up in the world. Sometimes it's collecting trophy items in pre-searing and other times it's just finding a beautiful spot in the snow of the Shiverpeaks or admiring the shadows made from the leaves on autumn trees in the Northlands.

As a sort of birthday gift, I decided to go around and put together a number of comparisons between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, like I always do. This time, though, I wanted to point out some of the outposts and key locations that made an impression on me when I went through the first game originally. These locations are relatively easy to find and easy to recognize; I hope they bring back some memories for all of you Guild Wars players out there as well.

At the end of this post, I've included a picture of my character. I decided to keep the name of my main from the first game (like so many others did), so this is a sort of before and after of my character between games.

Thank you for so many good memories, Guild Wars! I hope to continue making many more! Happy Birthday from Project Tyria!

Ashford Abbey

Piken Square

The Northlands

Ascalon City

Ascalonian Catacoms

Searing Cauldron in The Northlands

The Pale Tree (location not exact)

Henge of Denravi

Temple of the Ages

Lions Arch

Lions Arch Fountain

Port Sledge

Camp Rankor

Yaks Bend

Eye of the North

Eye of the North

The Falls

Droknar's Forge

Grendich Courthouse

Grenth Statue in Lornars Pass

Serenity Temple

Granite Citadel

Bloodstone Fen

Ascalon City

Ascalon Academy

Ascalon Academy

Statue of Balthazar in The Falls

Alucardalina Claire

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