Droknar's Forge

"Named for one of its most beloved kings, the Forge has never once been taken by an enemy nation." -In Game Description

There was a previous post about Droknar's Forge. Some of Project Tyria's readers may remember it, but there were only a few pictures and nothing really said about it since it was bundled with the rest of Mount Maelstrom's locations.

After a better look at it, Sunken Droknah is closer in appearance to the original Droknar's forge than I previously thought. Because of the movement restrictions in Guild Wars compared to Guild Wars 2, I've begun taking pictures in the first game before moving over to the second game for the matching pictures, instead of the other way around. I highly suggest doing the same if you're interested in seeing the similarities between most places, but especially for Droknar's.

A lot of the arches still stand, but I noticed that a new one has appeared next to the previously covered market space since Guild Wars. Most of the buildings were kept in their original locations and some new ones have appeared. In Guild Wars 2, the central hub of Droknar's seems to have collapsed inwards and is now part of a quaggan village.

If you're looking to explore the two areas yourself, I suggest starting with the northern gate since it's a good starting point to get your bearings. The geography is pretty close to the Guild Wars version up until you get to the quaggan village. The map, however, may not help so much since the Guild Wars 2 version is pretty focused on the water rather than the features underneath.

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