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I've been taking several screenshots of NPCs that I've remembered since the beginning of my time in Guild Wars 2 in hopes of eventually putting them on the site. I'm just no finally getting around to that after visiting the Eye of the North today for a trip down memory lane. This place is filled with ghosts of the past, but once before it was a thriving outpost filled with several NPCs. Sometimes even the most insignificant NPC can wiggle their way into your heart after finding them in their future forms.

Here's a compilation of the NPCs that I could find a physical remembrance of in both games that relate to this particular outpost. (spoilers in the captions of the pictures)

Artificer Mullenix is the NPC that stands in the center of the great room of the Eye of the North outpost in both games. In Guild Wars he would greet you with his vast amounts of information, helping to guide you to where you needed to be next.  In Guild Wars 2 he still stands guard to the outpost and honors heroes of any racial descent. 
Kimmes the Historian stands inside of the Hall of Monuments in both games.
It is said that he traveled from Ascalon to study the Hall of Monuments. Using the unique magic that the place offered, he could see the deeds of those who passed through the Hall. Those with worthy deeds would forever be remembered in the Hall of Momuments and the artifacts collected by these past adventurers would one day be given to a hero he found deserving. 

Like the other residents of the Hall of Monuments, Micah Fergson is a friendly ghost. He once offered to teach skills to adventurers. Micah does, however, tell us that our GW2 heroes are more powerful than any of the skills he could teach us. 

As confusing as it may be, this NPC goes by two different names:
Staci Magicalsen in Guild Wars and Staci Magelsen in Guild Wars 2.
Staci is a rune trader, or she used to be in Guild Wars before the Vanguard pulled out of the outpost. Since then, the runes sold through supply and demand methods have run out. 

I'm sure most of us know her, but in case you don't, Gwen Thackeray. Those playing the prophecies campaign may remember the young girl twirling in the flowers and hoping to one day be a warrior. That all changed when the searing happened,  her mother was killed and she was taken captive by Charr for seven years. After escaping, she joined the Ebon Vanguard under Captain Langmar. Later on, she creates an unlikely team with a Charr and other races to defend Tyria from the Great Destroyer. Eventually she was able to exact revenge on one of her Charr captors. After all was said and done she settled down with Keiran Thackeray. Leading the Ebon Vanguard, she is eventually called by the king to fortify Ebonhawke- where we find her grave in the Guild Wars 2 day. 
Another hero our Guild Wars heroes sided with was Ogden Stonehealer. He's a well studied scholar who knows many of the ancient dwarven prophecies, including the prophecy of the end of his people. Before battling the Great Destroyer, he and his people went through a ritual that would cause them all to become stone in order to defend Tyria from the Great Destroyer. By turning to stone, all of their minds became linked and it created the collective conscious called the Great Dwarf. No dwarf was able to escape this rite, good or bad.  We meet Ogden through at the Durmand Priory in Guild Wars 2 through different orders and storylines. He's still alive, but he continues to remain stone.  

The commanding officer of the Ebon Vanguard at the time of Eye of the North, Captain Langmar was originally in trouble when our heroes first made it to Eye of the North. The Charr had captured her and intended to sacrifice her to the Destroyers. Through a series of quests missions, she was saved. Trouble seems to follow her, though- Trouble with the White Mantle lead her and Keiran Thackeray to become heroes by creating a diversion and allowing settlers and Captain Greywind to escape the White Mantle's wrath. Captain Langmar paid the ultimate price for this. We see her mentioned in the Ebonhawke graveyard- her real grave would have been in Kryta, however, so this is just a plaque. 
Ok- It's not an NPC, but the Black Moa found in the Eye of The North in Guild Wars 2 (with enough points) is a pet of legend in the Canthan expansion of Guild Wars. Found in the Echovald Forest, the Black Moa is an elusive creature, evading even the best hunters. It's thought to be a beast of myth and one to be feared at that. It was also used as a story to scare misbehaving children. 
The one thing I notice that is odd is there not being a particular grave marker for Keiran Thackeray, though he is mentioned in passing on Gwen's grave marker. I should also note that a lot of the NPCs mentioned in this post are based off of Arenanet employees. If you're interested in learning more on that, the official wikis for the game do a better job explaining it than I can!

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  1. I wish I had played gw1 I love it that some of the NPCs are in gw2