Rebuilt Lions Arch - Fort Marriner

"I barely recognize Fort Marriner. But it's good to see the old place busy again." - Keeper Olda

Continuing with the Rebuilt Lions Arch series, Fort Marriner has made a lot of changes. It's still the hub of the mists portals. Now, however, it holds the portal to Fractals of the Mists and rightfully so. The rebuilt fort is now also home to the Lions Arch Aerodrome, which the players voted as the name. The Aerodrome now serves as an airbase for the city, helping to provide more defenses than ever before.

Most of the structures in and around the fort are in the new style, unlike the postern ward. A lot of the trees were switched out with palm trees outside of the fort entrances and it boasts a lot more flora around the fort than we've seen before. On the map, the fort still resembles the shape it held before. 

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