Rebuilt Lions Arch - Postern Ward

"This is the future headquarters of the Guild Initiative. I'm afraid I can't divulge any more details at this time, but if you belong to a guild, you'll want to visit it when we're done." - Guild Initiative Planner

In the attempt to document the countless changes, we make our first stop at the Postern Ward. It's obvious from the crew standing outside of the building that this is going to be the future home of guild related functions. Not only will we be seeing the guild services we've had for so long but also the introduction of guild halls and it's likely that this will be the hub we purchase the rights to a hall from.

The newly rebuilt area resembles, probably more than the rest of the city, the Lions Arch we used to know from the launch of Guild Wars 2. The building is made from an assortment of ship parts, and resembles the original bank base in the entrance.

Also found was a venue that appears to have attracted a lot of couples professing that they want to spend their lives together. We can assume that this is, then, a place for weddings. Is it possible in the future that we'll see a Kasmeer and Marjory wedding take place here?

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