Around Ascalon

"Blasted and battered, the current landscape of Ascalon holds only the ghost of its former glory. Skeletons of grand cathedrals and remnants of whole cities lie broken on the shifted, displaced ground. " -The Guild Wars Manuscripts
Ascalon has been through quite a number of landscaping changes underneath both humans and charr. However, it still stands as the one place in the second game with the most history still showing visually. There are broken buildings still standing as well as statues of gods and catacombs. Project Tyria has generally focused on where the old buildings are in the new game. I wanted to take a step away from that and try to find where the new structures would be in the first game. This posts also shows remnants of structures still standing that are littered around Ascalon rather than in an outpost. I've also decided to scour the countryside to show off changes in the general landscape.

There's really no easy way to go out and find these things in each game to compare them. The maps in each game have a different scale to them. The best way I could find myself was to follow key structures, such as the statue of Balthazar or Ascalon Academy, and constantly look at the 'you are here' pointer on a minimap. 

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