Around Divinity's Reach

For the past week I've been strolling around Divinity's Reach for my Concept to Reality screenshots. It really is just a huge place full of beauty and surprises and f you haven't taken the back alleys, you're missing out on a lot.  If you're really into losing yourself into an environment, give an hour or two to relax and stroll around the city. If you're into the lore, there's plenty of NPCs to talk to, books to read, and places to see. I thought that after my first 2+ hour walk through the city was enough to let me see it all, but going back through this week proved me wrong.

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to get a perfect angle on some of these because the art doesn't translate to how the camera works for our characters in game. Regardless, I found what I could and snapped pictures of it to either show the likeness or differences between the art and what it came out to be in the game.

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