Map of Ashford: Done

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I promised labeled maps and I've been working hard to clean each map up and present you with interesting sight-seeing spots based on the original Guild Wars. Today, I give you Ashford's map. This is probably the most map to go sight-seeing in because it has so many places to visit, probably more than any other map.  I know my way around this map more than any place else because nostalgia just pulls me towards it. There's nothing like walking through a part of the Plains of Ashford to realize that you're actually walking down that iconic trail in Lakeside County.

On another note, I went to visit Serenity Temple today and snapped a shot of it. Actually, I did this in both games, so enjoy your shiny new comparison shot! As I'm going through, I'll be putting up more maps this week as well as screenshots! Is there any place that you would love to see screenshots of? If so, please comment and let me know! I'll dispatch to find it quickly!

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