Ascalonian Catacombs

In order to keep the site updated with information, I've decided to post more than just comparison screenshots. Instead, I want to take you through my, and the Project Tyria guild's, journeys through Tyria in Guild Wars 2. The theme of this information? It will to relate to the original Guild Wars game in some significant way.

As you can tell, the topic of today is the Ascalonian Catacombs. The catacombs seem to not just be a place where the dead were buried, but an actual part of a castle and kingdom itself. The fallen floors and overgrown earth shows how much it's aged. Though we haven't seen it in the original Guild Wars game, this was the place where the Foefire happened. You can still see Magdaer in the ruins, the sister sword to Rurik's (now Rytlock's) Sohothin. These two swords have the same skins as the Guild Wars Fiery Dragon sword and both of them are very powerful.

In these dungeons, you not only get to meet the ghost of King Aldebern in these ruins, but also the ghosts of Master Ranger Nente, Kasha Blackblood, Vassar, and Ralena. All four of these characters were our trainers in pre-searing Ascalon. It's a bit saddening to see that they suffered from the Foefire, but they seem surprisingly aware of their ghostly existences in the story mode of the dungeon. Most of the other ghosts seem to have been driven mad by the effects of the Foefire, however, these champions of Aldebern seem to be willing to give us a chance, well, until Rytlock spoils it. 

These catacombs are riddled with architecture we are familiar with from both the Ascalon City ruins and things we can find in the catacombs of the Guild Wars game. I think that the story of the story version is very well played and thought out. It's a little difficult going through everything, so I highly recommend going with the recommended party of five people. Fighting each normal ghost is like fighting a veteran by yourself. It doesn't go very quickly, and the champions are a lot like the boss battles in the world. 

Probably the funnest part about it was being able to play with friends, friend's friends, and even a fan and new Guild Member of Project Tyria! I'd like to take this time to thank Edwin for joining us in our adventure. It was really a lot of fun and I just know that we'll party up and play together again in the future! And for anyone else interested in going on any adventures (It doesn't matter what server you're on because we can play together in overflow) please send an email at I'd love to invite you to the guild or send a message and party up sometime! 

You can click any of the pictures to see the bigger versions!

Guild member Edwin and I.

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