Wayfarer's Reverie

For those of you who aren't aware, headstart for Guild Wars 2 has already begun! You know, I stepped into the Hall Of Monuments the other day and it nearly brought tears to my eyes. Whoever designed this particular area for Guild Wars 2 really knows how to tug at heartstrings. When you walk in, you realize that even the Xunlai chests are still there. It makes you wonder what happened if everyone is suddenly a ghost and the chests were left.

And I'll be resuming to uploading pictures soon. In fact, the HoM pictures should be up by the end of the week. I still haven't been able to party up and take pictures of the rest of the comparison shots in Guild Wars 1 from my last post, so I sincerely apologize!

On that note, I have started the official Project Tyria [PrTy] guild in GW2. If you're interested in joining a no obligation guild dedicated to talking about and exploring the map of the world, please comment on this entry or email me your in game name to Projecttyria@gmail.com. I'll send you an invite! The guild is open to anyone, and I'll be happy to help you in game to find your way around to visit key locations between the games. Although I play in Sorrows Furnace, it doesn't matter what server you're on (eventually we'll be able to guest and play together).  Please join us and help the guild grow!

For those of you in game, how are you enjoying it? Have you went to visit any iconic locations yet?

And in other news, Wayfarer's Reverie is happening in Guild Wars 1 until August 30th. They're having you go through maps to iconic locations (many that you see here on the site!) in preparation for Tyria in Guild Wars 2. You'll visit places like shrines and important buildings  and other landmarks. Once you visit them all in every campaign, you can turn in your rewards for a very spiffy tormented weapon to help you in your HoM achievements, which of course helps in Guild Wars 2! For now, here are a few of my favorite shots from Wayfarer's  Reverie!

Even though Guild Wars 2 is out, let's not forget the beauty and greatness of the game that came before it. Let's not neglect it. We can fall back on it for nostalgia's sake, playing through a few of your favorite missions and learning more of the story behind our favorite locations!

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