Site Redesign

Okay guys, so the site's changes are now slowing down and coming to an end. Over the next few weeks there will only be minor changes. As you can tell, we've stepped in the direction of a cleaner and Guild Wars 2 inspired site. We've listened to what you've had to say so far, made a lot of changes and have come a long way to be what we are today. I want to thank you guys for supporting our journey and I hope that you will continue to support us by visiting the site often. If there is anything else we can fix, anything we can help you with, feel free to contact us at or post in the comments below. We are still welcoming constructive feedback on the site design. We won't be making any radical changes for a long while now, but we can help make the design more user friendly if needed. Hopefully we have already done so.  Please let us know what you think of the site in our comments!

Thank you all for bearing with me on the site changes. While I can't offer up more screenshots until the next Beta Weekend Event, I will do my best to keep the site updated. Feel free to send us submissions of your own comparison any time. We would love to have them. Until then, may your adventures be guided.

With the site redesign, I have also redesigned the rules for fan submissions. We now allow duplicate location screenshots. What does it mean? Say you have a picture of the crafters' circle in Old Lions Arch. Though I have one already up, you can still submit it and I will put it into the Fan Submissions gallery.  Just make sure your screenshots follow these rules:

  • Before images go on the left, after on the right. (Guild Wars 1 images on the left for GW vs GW2, Pre-searing on the left for Pre vs Post Searing)
  • Images where the locations that don't match up will not be accepted. (Contact me if you need help verifying a location or finding one.)
  • Images where the image quality (not the game quality) is too poor will not be accepted. (I prefer jpeg and png)
  • I have to right to deny posting up an image for any reason of my choosing.
  • And most of all, have loads of fun.

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