Asura and Sylvari Playable in BWE3

July 20th is the start of the next Beta Weekend Event. It's grown more exciting for Project Tyria since the Asura and Sylvari will be playable. Originally, Arenanet was waiting to release them at game launch, but now we can test them and explore the Maguuma jungle. This is big news for Project Tyria. We'll now be able to take more screenshots than we thought with the release of the new areas! I will be venturing out in Guild Wars this week to snap pictures of our jungle terrain in hopes of finding these things in the BWE coming up soon!If you have any requests for me to find a certain place, go ahead and comment below.

Are you guys ready to live in the grove and walk the floating streets of Rata Sum? Prepared to live the life of a sentient plant or intelligent being? I certainly am.


  1. I will definitly play a Sylvari but not in this Bwe3 thus in the Released Version

  2. You said "June 20th" in the first line...did you mean to say July 20th?