Stress Test Wednesday!

Since there will be a stress test this Wednesday, you can be sure that more screenshots will come from it. We've been a little quiet over here at Project Tyria, but with each allowance into the beta, I will be able to provide more screenshots. Look forward to it!


Also, for anyone who is interested, I've been writing a story about my Guild Wars character that almost ties in with Project Tyria as far as past and present goes. If you're interested in a little reading, I can point you to my story located in the side bar labeled as "Answer Back: Claire's Story". This is my first time writing anything like this, but there are several more experienced writers on the site as well. If you like what you see, why not sign up?

Chronicles of Tyria's main site also helps to tie in with the old and the new. As they are one of my closer affiliates, I highly recommend reading the user stories as well as checking out the New Krytan translations on their site. Did you know that over two and a half centuries, a new language has been formed in Kryta?  It evolved just as the landscape has!

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