Release Date Announced!

I hope you are excited as I am to hear that the release date is coming up sometime in our lifetimes. Guild Wars 2 launches on the late summery August 28th of this year. Exciting right?  I'm proud of them keeping their word on making it a summer release.

Read more on their blog!

So, with this news, I promise more content for project Tyria as the rest of the game becomes playable. .For now I must admit that my locations have been pretty much exhausted, though I got a few more comparison shots from the stress test and will be taking a few more for next BWE. I don't have many, but I will post them up during the next week. Why so late, you ask? I'm actually packed and ready to leave the balmy shores of the west coast- ending my vacation and flying back to the humid east coast.

I'll start adding pictures along with more lore and generally making the site more interesting for you guys as soon as I'm back home. For now, enjoy the new trailer from Guild Wars 2.

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