Even More Features!

     Project Tyria is growing into a mature little website with all the current views everyone is giving us! I'm happy to see that people like the website and I will continue to try and add more screenshots, but you'll have to wait for the next BWE or stress test. I'm hoping that when that also happens, you guys will submit some pictures as well!

Kill Ten Rats Feature
Kill Ten Rats has also kindly featured Project Tyria on their site. Like the other features, they say very nice things about us! I'd like to thank you guys, especially writer "Ravious"!

These pages also featured us!
Tyrian Express
MMO Melting Pot
My Dead Heroes

longbow chronicles

     There were a few more, but they slipped from my stats page before I could catch them! So if you're reading this and you had featured the page, please contact me so I can properly thank you! And for anyone who wants to be added to the affiliates side of the blog, contact me as well and I can arrange for that to happen!
    If any of you have any suggestions for the site, I'd love to hear them. Project Tyria is still a baby, but I'm looking foward to helping it mature into something special!

   And for those of you who are on Facebook, Project Tyria has a Facebook group and could use your likes!  Project Tyria on Facebook

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