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Hello everyone! A bit of a personal post here!
It's not often that I talk about things other than comparisons, but tonight I wanted to talk about an awesome event that I've been seeing guilds doing for the public: Map Exploration events. While I used to attend a guild map completion event with one of the guilds I'm in- it's really different from the public events I've been seeing pop up lately. A little bored and reading the Guild Wars 2 reddit while waiting for world event bosses, I found this thread: [Events] Weekly Map Exploration. Every Wednesday 9pm EST (NA) - Sorrow's Furnace.
This was on the server I started out on before moving to Tarnished Coast! What really reeled me in though was that they were covering lore of the map as they went through it. I admit it, I love to hear people talk about lore and I love to hear the questions people have that come along with it.

I was about thirty minutes late by the time I arrived, only seeing the post at 9:19 EST(wurm ending early due to... well, someone who wasn't very kind about letting others get credit.(Please don't be this person.)) I even jumped into mumble with them. I tend to be a little shy, but by the end of the night, I began talking to them a little more. At some point I asked the event leader if I could post about his event on the site. He agreed, of course, which is good news.

The event was really fun and many people commented on how much they learned from it. I think it was very successful and well ran and I'd love to return to it as often as I can. Thanks to everyone who made it an awesome experience.

If you're interested in joining, the thread I linked above has the information you need, but I'm going to put their schedule below.  This week (May 14th) was week 5 for them. Next week they'll explore the Brisban Wildlands.

And remember, you don't have to need map completion to go and listen to lore and learn!

If any other guild or organization has a map completion event, I would love to hear about it and possibly post it on the site as well!

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  1. Thanks for posting this Claire!
    I'm glad you loved it :)