Searing Cauldrons In Orr

Guild Wars 1 Searing Cauldron

The two orange circles indicate the location of the

              A few weeks ago, I found myself completing the Tyrian map once again, this time on my asura character, Kiffi. Making my way around the map again allowed for exploration of places I may not have went through otherwise; a lot of what lead up to different paths were the contested waypoints in the area. This was especially true in Orr. In this particular instance, I took to the water instead of a bridge due to a number of enemies in the area in order to get to my next point of interest. What I found in the water kept me for far longer than the enemies on land would.

            I believe I have stumbled upon the flame cauldrons that the charr Flame Shaman's who marched towards Orr would have been carrying with them. They match perfectly with the searing cauldron located in the Iron Marches- the cauldron that created Ascalon's searing. They didn't just bring one to Orr, though, they brought two entire cauldrons with them.

            When looking at the location of the two cauldrons on the map, you see how close the charr army would have been to Vizier Khilbron's tower. From what we have learned of his story, we know he panicked and that fear caused him to read from forbidden texts. This caused the Cataclysm, which effectively put Orr at the bottom of the sea. It stopped the charr invasion, but at the cost of an entire nation. Looking at the closeness to his tower though, I think we can begin to understand why he was in such a panicked state that he was willing to kill the nation he served. They were basically parked at his front door. 

          Seeing all of this helped me to realize how much we could learn of Orr just by sitting down and exploring parts of the map; things that we have touched on in the past but were never more than a few sentences in a bit of dialogue or plot. It also goes to show how much depth there is in the land of the game, how seriously it takes the lore of both Guild Wars 1 and Guild Wars 2. 

An underwater flame cauldron in Orr
The Searing Cauldron in Iron Marches

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