Happy Wintersday!

It's that time of the year again! And this year we get to celebrate it in both games for the first time. Here are a couple of screenshots to bring the holiday season to Project Tyria's site.

Here we have Lions Arch decorated for Wintersday. The big difference it that which is not seen, the plot. In Guild Wars, Wintersday was a celebration held to determine how long winter would last, a fight between Dwayna and Grenth; Spring and Winter.
In Guild Wars 2, Wintersday has evolved in a celebration much like the holidays we have here on earth. It's a time of gift giving and peace. A guest of honor distributes toys each year and this year it happens to be the Asuran toymaker, Tixx and his trusty golem, Toxx.

A screenshot from the snowball fights of each game. It's a PvP mini game where you deliver gifts from the battlefield to your team's deposit area. You are given a number of snow themed skills (GW2 offers different classes of snowballers) to stop the enemy and defend your team as you each transport the gifts.
    Of course there are other mini games to be played, more fun to be had, and more things to see than just these two comparisons. If you aren't already, get in game and have some fun. Happy Wintersday to everyone!

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