Pre vs Post Searing

I mentioned before that I also wanted this blog to have a bit of Pre- Post searing comparison as well. I know it's old news, but some people who are visiting honestly haven't played GW1 but look forward to GW2. I wanted to show the beauty of Pre-searing and the devastation of Post Searing GW1.

Also, I will continue putting my elementalist into these screenshots. You can't always take out the character in GW2 for screenshots, and I love to have my little mark on these pictures as people are putting them up on their sites. Think of it as a watermark!

In other news, we have hit 42 thousand views. I want to thank everyone again for taking the time to visit this small blog and for those sites that have featured Project Tyria! Thanks again, so much! <3

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  1. Judging from my time in the BWE for GW2 it seems that this area has rebounded somewhat from the devastation of the searing... I saw many of the "autumn" colors associated with pre-searing Ascalon in the GW2 charr controlled lands.

    Having walked through the moonscape around mount St. Helens (in Washington state) in the mid-late 80s and then visiting again roughly 15 years later I can definitely say this is a very "true to life" representation in the two games.

    Other than the catacombs, were there any "hidden" places in pre-searing Ascalon that we should be on the lookout for in GW2?