The Astralarium

"This open-air laboratory, with its multiple solar reflectors and pedestal-mounted astrolabes, is the center of astrological and astronomical study in Elona." - In game description

While the Astralarium began as a small outpost in the first game, it expanded into the tower surrounded by gardens that we see in the second game. Unlike most of the other places we've covered from the Isle of Istan, the Astralarium seems to have become more Vabbian in style. It's amazing how similar the land maps are despite these major changes between the games.

It was difficult to orientate my character for screenshots between the games because there are no real guides on the ground. Instead, I had to look at the shape of the land to get the approximate locations between the screenshots. I highly suggest doing the same if you want to compare them yourself.

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  1. Keep up the good work!! imo the best place for non gw1 players get to know better how the Tyria has changed over years!