Rebuilding of Lions Arch (Part 1)

"The port would be open to any and all, so long as they'll fight against Orr and help to keep the waters clear." - Cobiah Marriner

The Guild Wars 2 universe got some interesting news today. Lions arch, as we know, has been torn down and repaired only to be torn down again. It's been a while since the player base has seen any significant change from the aftermath of Scarlet's attack, but today we were surprised with an update to Lions Arch. Nothing seems to be in working order right now, but it does give us an idea of what's to come (like places concerning guild halls.)

There were a lot of visual changes as well, and I'm working to detail them as much as I can in screen shots for future reference. On the side, I decided to put together some screenshots documenting the changes between the new and old (including both original Lions Arch and Scarlet's aftermath). Here are just a few for now.

Original Lions Arch

 Aftermath of Lions Arch

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