Lions Arch Map Progression

Lions Arch has now gone through several different changes, some of them more subtle while others are in your face kind of changes. I decided to take all the map screenshots I had and combine them to see just how the area has progressed. I'm really impressed by the minute details that I barely noticed or never even noticed until I put all the maps together! I thought that the original map and the post Karka attack map wouldn't have changes other than the areas that the attacks had happened, but it seems Arenanet had snuck some quality changes into the rest of map when they updated.

If you're interested in more progression of Lions Arch, I also have a post on the changes to the fountain: Progression of the Lions Arch Fountain

I've included in this post a gif of the changes as well as the single pictures used to create it. You can click each picture to view them larger.

For the original pictures:


  1. I feel like the original map between beta and fractals might be missing since there are no portals in marriner where there should be in the first map. You might also be missing a map for after halloween but I don't know if the changes to the statue actually changed the map as well. A brief overview to go with the pictures and what happens inbetween would be nice.